Online Graduate Programs

MPath: Student-Centered Online Programs

MPath was created for adult learners who want a personalized, flexible education based on the core values students have come to expect from Marian. This innovative online platform provides a unique pathway to advancing your career and education.

Based on your chosen program, you will engage in either a traditional 15-week semester, 7-week accelerated timeline, or a 4-week flexible schedule. As a professional, independent learner, you’ll benefit from a student-centered approach that supports and recognizes where you come from and what you need to move forward.

I Want to Move Forward with MPath!

MPath Online Learning Platforms

MPath Flexible Learning Platform (4-Week Courses)

Your Personal Path to Success

Marian University’s MPath Flexible Program online learning platform is a truly unique way to advance your education and career as a modern adult learner. This is your personal path to success. The Flexible Program empowers students to move forward on a clear path, understanding that today’s professionals need an educational platform that meets their individual needs.

Your Education, Your Time, Your Way

MPath’s Flexible online learning platform is truly built for your personal success. Marian recognized that today’s adult learners need online degree programs that are tailored for their lives, time, learning style, and professional and educational experience. As a result, our online Flexible Program offers you:

  • A clear path on which you can efficiently move toward your goals based on your custom completion plan.
  • The ability to visually track your personal progress with clear and measurable competencies.
  • Engaging learning experiences based on your needs.
  • Individualized online communication with faculty and peers, helping you build your professional network.
  • Flexible point of entry with twelve start dates every year.
  • Robust faculty engagement, guidance, individualized instruction, guided field experiences and more.

Why Choose MPath Flex?

MPath Accelerated Learning Platform (7-Week Courses)

Your Accelerated Path to Success

Marian University’s MPath 7-Week Accelerated online learning platform is designed with the flexibility, convenience and high-quality education that busy students like you are seeking. This is your accelerated path to success. Our 7-Week Accelerated courses help you move forward in your education and career, understanding that today’s professionals need education that fits their modern lives and individual needs.

Get There Faster

MPath’s Accelerated online learning platform was built for students, like you, who are ready to further their education and move forward on their goals with less interruption in your current personal and professional life. That’s why the accelerated program offers students:

  • Fully Online Graduate & Undergraduate Degree Programs
  • Flexible Coursework Designed for Working Adult Learners
  • Six Possible Starts Per Year
  • The Ability to Clearly Focus in on Fewer Topics at a Time

Why Choose MPath Accelerated?

MPath Traditional Learning Platform (15-Week Courses)

Online Programs for Excellence in Education

Marian University’s traditional 15-Week Semester offers fully online programs with no on-campus requirement and hybrid programs that require minimal on-campus attendance. Students may be familiar with the traditional university semester schedule but be surprised to learn how that can fit into a modern education.

It’s Your Path. It’s Your Time. Make the Most of It.

MPath’s Traditional online learning platform gives students a more traditional semester experience with a modern twist. Our online programs help adult learners move forward on their path to reaching their goals with small class sizes, faculty feedback, and in-depth topic discussion. The online traditional semester helps students:

  • Complete their degree in a convenient format
  • Learn how to think critically about a new topic
  • Absorb and reflect on lessons
  • Learn through robust online course content
  • Take time for scholarly inquiry
  • Fit learning in with other adult responsibilities

Why Choose MPath Traditional?