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Online Flexible Program in IO Psychology

Industrial organizational psychology professionals are in high demand as today’s companies seek to improve employee satisfaction, health, performance and productivity. You can help businesses understand behavior in the workplace and how to make that work for them. Graduates make their career in the field of IO Psychology in various industries including:

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Marketing & Communications

Marian University’s 100% online Industrial Organizational Psychology master’s program prepares students to work with today’s workplace and employees by emphasizing relevant social and global perspectives that reflect the most recent ethical and legal standards and guidelines. Build on your practical knowledge by choosing to complete either a thesis or a practicum experience.

For more than 80 years, Marian has been educating and training future professionals like you who understand the needs of businesses and how to help them and their employees reach their full potential.

Be in High Demand with New Skills in IO Psychology! 100% Online Program.

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MPath Online Program Schedule: 7-Week Accelerated

In about 16 months, graduate ready to make a difference in companies and their workforce. Reach your goals with small class sizes, faculty feedback, and in-depth topic discussion. Through the program custom-made for busy adult learners, take 7-week non-sequential courses which are often without pre-requisites.

  • Choose Your Start Date
    Classes that begin every seven weeks allow busy students to choose the best time to start.

  • Focus on Your Course
    Fewer courses at a time empower students to clearly focus on excelling at the task at hand.

  • The Ultimate in Flexibility
    It’s easy to fit school into your life with 100% online courses and a new schedule every seven weeks.

Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology Curriculum

The MS in Industrial Organizational Psychology program requires the completion of 36 credits.  There are 32 required credits and 4 elective credits.  Students have the option of choosing between a thesis or a practicum experience.

Core Courses

Industrial and organizational psychology majors will take courses covering topics such as:

  • Training & Development
  • Job Analysis
  • Ethical & Legal Issues
  • I/O Analytics Using R
  • Organizational Consulting

Program Learning Outcomes

After completion of this program, candidates will:

  1. Demonstrate a solid fundamental knowledge of psychology as a discipline. This includes both knowledge of the history and current trends of the field, theoretical foundations, concepts and constructs within the field, and the divisions within the broad field of I/O Psychology.
  2. Demonstrate the knowledge and ability of both the scientific and applied aspects of I/O Psychology. This includes being knowledgeable about forming hypotheses, collecting, analyzing and interpreting the data necessary to test hypotheses backed by evidence-based foundations and think critically about the obtained results. This further includes applying knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform analyses and graphics in R stats and contribute meaningful recommendations for an applied setting. A thesis or practicum will be an additional source of learning and proof of mastery.
  3. Apply the fundamentals of I/O Psychology, which include ethical and legal issues, research and statistics, job analysis, organizational development, selection and assessment with psychometrics, training and development, performance evaluation, organizational planning and consulting, program evaluation, workforce analytics, compensation, and technological programs in I/O.
  4. Be knowledgeable in the practice of I/O psychology by applying the concepts of I/O psychology to organizations and employees.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge and abilities in applying social and global perspectives to reflect the most recent ethical and legal standards and guidelines in I/O Psychology.
  6. Communicate effectively, using appropriate language, terminology, and scientific explanations, for each specific audience, in written and interpersonal communication. This includes transferring scientific/analytic language to a more business-friendly language in consulting and technical reports, where appropriate.

Program Mission

The IO Psychology program at Marian is perfect for working professionals who want a high-quality degree with the flexibility they need as adult learners. The program aims to develop scientist-practitioners who seek to incorporate evidence-based practices in their careers, bettering the workplace for the organization, stakeholders, and employees. The use of the most current, evidence-based practices will be the basis of this program and continuation of such practice will be paramount to the success of the Industrial Organizational Psychology professional.

Admission Checklist

1. Application

$50 Application fee waived if applying online.

2. Official Transcripts

  • College/university transcripts send directly from the registrar of a previous institution verifying completion of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited university in the United States.
  • Psychology undergraduate work including General Psychology, Human Development, Social Psychology, Statistical Techniques for Research Data Analysis (or similar), and Research Methods (or similar). Applicants who do not meet these can fulfill this requirement with the completion of Marian’s content domains, in psychology and/or research and statistics, scoring an 80% or higher prior to admission into the program if all other requirements are met.
  • GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

3. Resume with a minimum of one (1) year employment at the time of application.

4. Letters of recommendation for application to the Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology program are waived for the 2021-2022 academic year.

5. The Personal Statement (approximately 500 words) explaining your career goals. You must be the sole author of this statement, having obtained no assistance (this includes editing) from other individuals. You must adhere to APA 6th Ed. guidelines.

As you complete the Personal Statement, explaining your career goals and how this program, specifically, will help you achieve that goal. See instructions below for more specific information. This document bears considerable weight in the admission processes. The Admission Committee reviews all applicants to consider three specific areas:

1) Does the applicant demonstrate college-level written communication skills? Particular attention is paid to mechanics (grammar, punctuation, and spelling), the logical organization of material, analysis of issues, support of positions, and clarity of thought.

2) Does the applicant show an ability to critically think through a decision-making experience?

3) Does the Marian University Industrial Organizational Psychology program appear to meet the goals and expectations of the applicant?

Personal Statement Instructions

  • Write a personal statement indicating what you expect to learn and achieve from the MS Industrial Organizational Psychology program.
  • How will the Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology degree enhance your career plans?
    • Project the kind of position you anticipate having five years after you earn this degree.
    • What experiences have you had that form the foundation for your goals?
      • Give an example of a decision making process you have encountered.

We encourage you to share with us some personal insights about experiences that have influenced your professional life.

We consider it a privilege to read your essay and want you to know that we respect your essay and your confidentiality.

Application Review

The Admission Committee will review these documents when they are received, and you will be contacted regarding your acceptance into the program. If a personal interview is required, you will be notified, and a mutually convenient time will be established.

If you have any questions or concerns during this process, please contact:

Adult & Online Studies
45 South National Avenue
Fond du Lac, WI 54935
920-923-8726 or 800-2-MARIAN ext. 8726

Marian University is an affirmative action/equal employer educator that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or disability.

Marian University is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.