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Marian University Campus Directory

At Marian University, we’re here to assist students in achieving their personal and professional goals.
Learn more about our faculty and staff through our campus directory below.

University office hours are 8:00 am – 4:30 pm and/or by appointment, unless otherwise noted.


Sarah Garvey

2021-11-17T21:36:32-06:00Associate Professor, Chemistry||

Michael Garvey

2021-11-17T21:39:27-06:00Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Physical Science||

James T. Gray

2021-11-17T21:44:30-06:00Professor, Sport and Recreation Management||

John Hammond

2021-11-18T22:53:06-06:00Assistant Professor, Biology||

Brian Joachim

2022-01-27T15:55:54-06:00Assistant Professor, Radiological Technology||

Diana Johnson

2023-08-24T20:20:30-05:00Associate Professor, Forensic Science||

Linda Krueger

2022-01-28T10:59:35-06:00Assistant Professor, Mathematics||

David Leichter

2022-01-27T16:02:12-06:00Associate Professor, Philosophy||

Korie Leigh

2022-12-01T10:36:57-06:00Associate Professor/Thanatology Program Director Thanatology||

Jessica Little

2022-01-27T16:09:14-06:00Associate Professor Marketing||

Tabitha Miller

2022-01-26T13:03:32-06:00Assistant Professor, Radiologic Technology||

John Morris

2022-01-28T10:48:33-06:00Associate Professor Chemistry/Physical Science||

Cheryl Passel

2022-01-27T15:57:19-06:00Associate Professor, Nursing||

Mary Polchert

2019-09-09T11:41:26-05:00Associate Professor, Nursing||

Gina Possin

2022-01-27T16:08:08-06:00Assistant Professor, Psychology||

Karen Roberts

2023-01-13T14:44:55-06:00Associate Professor, Nursing||

Anne Rosploch

2022-01-13T10:47:28-06:00Coordinator of Nursing Resources and Simulation Center||

Kari Steinbeck

2022-01-28T10:49:39-06:00Assistant Professor, Nursing||

Brenda Stueber

2022-01-27T15:55:12-06:00Associate Professor, Social Work||

Janet Teske

2023-01-13T15:07:17-06:00Assistant Professor/Graduate Nursing Program Director||

Luke Townsend

2022-01-28T11:00:11-06:00Assistant Professor, Theology||

Linda Uselmann

2022-02-09T09:57:46-06:00Assistant Professor, Mathematics||

Lori Yogerst

2022-01-28T10:59:55-06:00Assistant Professor, Nursing||

Melissa Zar

2022-01-28T11:00:46-06:00Assistant Professor, Nursing ||


Located in room 106 of the Agnes Hazotte Hall Building, the Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for all matters directly relating to academic affairs, including support, policy, planning and resource allocation, academic budgetary concerns, faculty recruitment, and contractual administration. The Vice President manages and provides direction to all programs and departments reporting to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Individuals who serve in Administrative Support positions are vital to the efficiency and operations of each respective department within the University.

Located on the 3rd Floor of the Stayer Center, the Office of Admission provides guidance to individuals seeking admission to our traditional undergraduate programs offered during the day at our Fond du Lac campus. Our admission counselors are available to help students with the application process, understand financial aid, and enroll in the program of their choice. Our student ambassadors serve as tour guides for anyone interested in exploring campus.

Traditional Undergraduate Programs: Visit the Office of Admission located on the 3rd floor of the Stayer Center.
Phone: 920.923.7650

Accelerated and Online Programs: Visit the Office of Adult and Online Studies located on the 3rd floor of the Stayer Center.
Phone: 920.923.8726

Ben Soman

2022-02-09T10:12:22-06:00Senior Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Admission Liaison||

Located in room 105 of the Administration Building, the Office of Adult and Online Studies (AOS) provides guidance to individuals seeking admission, counseling, and graduation assistance for our adult students seeking a bachelors, masters, or Ph.D. Additionally, the Office of Professional Development resides in this area.

At Marian University, our Office of Advancement staff are inspired to assist you with investing in Marian’s mission, planning and attending events or updating your information.

The Office of Alumni and Parent Relations seeks to keep alumni, parents, and families connected to Marian University. The office provides regular communications, coordinates a variety of events and volunteer opportunities, and cultivates philanthropic support for the University.

The Athletic Department is responsible for the operation and administration of intercollegiate athletics at Marian University. The athletic director and coaches’ offices are located in the Howard L. Sadoff gymnasium. The Athletic Department also provides opportunities for competition in a wide variety of intramural sports. All activities are open to all members of the University community.

Chris Scott

2018-08-20T15:52:45-05:00Head Coach Men and Women Track and Field and Cross Country||

Located on the first floor of Agnes Hazotte Hall, the Office of Business and Finance is responsible for the quality and administration of the university’s financial accounting systems and related reporting, compliance and controls. Questions and arrangements for payments on student accounts may be directed to this office.

Inspiring the whole person, the Samuel and Sarah Mackey Campus Ministry Center offers the entire Marian University community opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Everyone is invited to participate in liturgies, service, and retreats, as well as Bible study, prayer groups, and other discussion groups. The Center offers a wonderful setting where meaningful and honest conversations can take place around religious, spiritual, social and various University topics.

Cardinal Meyer Library is the intellectual center of the Marian University Academic Community. It is integral to the University’s commitment to the education of the whole person, striving to nurture intellectual, spiritual, aesthetic, psychological, social and physical dimensions.

Conscious of the expanding world of information, the library serves as an information center providing services and resources that support, supplement and enrich the curriculum of each discipline. Sensitive to personal needs, the library staff serves all members of the University community.

Located on the third floor of the Stayer Center, the Office of Financial Aid serves as the financial counseling center for all students. Applications for federal, state, and institutional financial assistance are available upon request. Counselors are available daily for financial aid guidance.

Ben Soman

2022-02-09T10:12:22-06:00Senior Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Admission Liaison||

Human Resources is located on the second floor of Duplex 18. The mission of the Office of Human Resources is to establish and coordinate effective policies in the recruitment and retention of qualified employees; administration of benefits; and implementation of all other policies related to human resources activities in support of Marian University’s vision, mission and core values. For a listing of employment opportunities at Marian University, click here.

To support its education mission, Marian University provides numerous information technology resources as a service for Marian University employees and students. If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Help Desk (Science Building Room 210). Help Desk Hours (Monday – Friday: 7:30 am – 6:30 pm, Saturday: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm).

The Office of Marketing and Communications, located on the third floor of the Stayer Center, serves to enhance Marian’s reputation and identity through marketing/advertising, media relations, publications, photography, videography, social media and web development. Through all of these areas, the Office of Marketing and Communications works to communicate high-priority messaging that enhances the visibility and image of the university to Marian’s internal and external audiences.

Located on the second floors of both the Administration Building and Library, the CASE Office provides a variety of academic services to students, including academic advising, academic support programs, academic testing, career services, tutor program, College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Disability Services, EXCEL Program, and the Undeclared Program. Students are encouraged to visit the office to use the resources available, including computers for individual use.

Lisa Olig

2022-01-03T10:16:08-06:00Director of Accessibility Services & Academic Support||

Located in the Administration Building, the Office of the President serves the chief administrative functions of Marian University. The president works closely with the Board of Trustees to plan and implement the University’s long-term academic, financial, and sustainability initiatives.

The Vice President for Business and Finance, and the Senior Vice President for University Relations are also at this location.

Located in room 112 of the Administration Building, The Office of the Registrar exists to serve students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni and the public by maintaining records and providing information regarding academic, registration, statistical and personal data. Primary among these services is the responsibility for maintaining accurate records for each student while maintaining confidentiality. The mission is enhanced by providing a variety of other services, including advice and counsel on academic policies, registration processing, transfer credit evaluation, enrollment and statistical reporting, and student data management.

The Office of Student Engagement is located in the Hornung Student Center. Through a collaborative holistic approach, the Office of Student Engagement supports many of the co-curricular activities, programs, and services sponsored by the University.

The Office of Student Engagement, with assistance from the Residence Life staff, represents the University’s commitment to providing a residential community where students can pursue their educational interests in an informal and social setting. In addition, the Office of Student Engagement supervises organizations such as the Marian Activities Committee (MAC) and Student Senate, both of which are student-led and provide programs that are educational, recreational, cultural, and social.

Severa Krueger

2022-01-04T13:05:33-06:00Assistant Dean of Student Life & Engagement/Director of Residence Life||

Located in room 206 of the Administration Building, Student Support Services (SSS) is a program funded by the U.S. Department of Education to help students develop the skills and motivation necessary to successfully pursue and earn a bachelor’s degree. The goal of SSS is to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants. SSS offers to its participants individual guidance, tutoring, workshops, financial coaching, career and academic preparation, additional opportunities for scholarships and grants, cultural events, and campus connections. Students selected to participate in SSS have an academic need and: are first-generation college students (neither parent completed a bachelor’s degree); have a documented physical, psychological, or learning disability (that may affect their role as a student); or are from a family earning a limited income (determined by taxable income level and family size). All services are free to students selected to participate.

Located at 96 S. National Ave., the Upward Bound Math and Science (UBMS) program, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, is a college readiness program that prepares eligible students for success in higher education. Marian’s UBMS program serves 60 students attending Fond du Lac High School and Horace Mann High School in North Fond du Lac. The UBMS program helps participating students recognize and develop their potential to excel in the areas of mathematics, science, and technology. Ultimately, they are prepared and encouraged to pursue college degrees requiring strong foundations in these subjects. During the academic year and summer sessions, students receive a wide range of services in the following areas: (1) academic support, (2) career exploration, (3) college admission training, (4) financial planning for college, and (5) personal development.

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