Online Programs

MPath: Your Personal Path to Success

With Marian’s MPath online learning platform you can earn your degree your way. Designed for the success of today’s adult learners, MPath combines Marian’s traditional values with flexible, affordable online learning built for your life, time, learning style, and educational experience.

MPath offers:

  • A clear degree path on which you can efficiently move toward your goals.
  • Monthly, every 7 weeks, or traditional semester course starts, based on your program.
  • Ability to take time off or study full- or part-time.
  • The ability to visually track your personal progress with clear and measurable competencies.
  • Engaging learning experiences that build on the skills and experience you bring to the program.
  • Individualized online communication with faculty and peers, helping you grow your professional network.
  • Robust faculty engagement, guidance, individualized instruction, and guided field experiences.
  • Many bachelor, master and even certificate programs to choose from.

NO COMPROMISE Degree and Certificate Programs

Whether you want to add expertise and new skills through a certificate program or advance your career with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you’ll be ready to move forward on your own personal path with top-notch education under your belt. Marian offers certificates and degrees in nursing, healthcare, education, thanatology, business, public safety, and interdisciplinary studies.