Applying for Financial Aid

Financial Aid

In today’s world, making college affordable is made easier through various forms of financial aid. At Marian, the Office of Financial Aid will work with you to figure out a financial aid plan , whether that be through student loans, scholarships, grants, or work study positions.

At Marian, your education is about your success. Marian University’s Office of Financial Aid is available for students with any questions that may arise about tuition, loans, grants and scholarships. Our experienced staff can assist you in the process of applying and receiving aid, as well as provide information about the variety of options and resources that are available to meet the students’ needs, including student employment. Marian University is committed to helping you pursue an affordable, high-quality college education that is about you.

Scholarships, grants, student employment, and loan programs are available if you apply and are eligible. More than 99 percent of Marian University students receive financial aid, but it is important to apply early. The application process may take four to six weeks and aid is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Applying for Financial Aid

Disbursement Procedure

Aid cannot be applied to your tuition until you are enrolled at least half-time (6 credits undergraduate/3 credits graduate) and all requested documentation has been completed. Your aid will be credited directly to your account at the Office of Business and Finance. If your financial aid does not cover your charges, you are expected to pay the difference or select a payment plan. If your financial aid including loans exceeds your charges you may be eligible for a refund check. Refund checks will be issued by the Office of Business and Finance. Academic year loans are disbursed in two equal payments. A disbursement is released in the fall and another in the spring. If you are enrolled for only one semester, your loan will be disbursed in one payment.

If a student or parent wishes to modify a loan, the Office of Financial Aid requires a dated and signed note (not electronic) indicating the academic year the loan if for (i.e. 2021-22), the revised loan amount and the student name that this change is applicable for. This must be submitted prior to any change being made to the loan.

Eligibility Criteria

Who is eligible for Financial Aid?

  • A U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.
  • Completion of the FAFSA.
  • Student must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress according to the institution’s policy.
  • Student must be accepted in a degree-seeking program and enrolled at least half-time:
    • Undergraduate: 6 or more credits (summer — 6 or more)
    • Graduate: 3 or more credits (summer — 3 or more)
    • Alternative Teaching Certification: 3 or more credits
  • Not be in default on prior student loans
  • If a student is male and between the ages of 18 and 25, he must register with Selective Service.

International students

Qualified undergraduate international students are eligible to receive $17,000 in international grant monies or academic scholarships. Complete and submit application for admission to Marian University. International students do not receive funding from the U.S. government.

Net Price Calculator

This calculator provides an approximation of what a first-year, undergraduate student can expect to pay to attend Marian University. It is not intended for use by continuing, graduate, transfer, international, or part-time students, who should contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

The process will take about 10 minutes. You will need:

  • Your family’s 2022 tax return and W2s
  • The student’s academic information (GPA is required… ACT and SAT scores are optional)

NOTE: This is not an official application for financial aid. The results provided here are an estimate, do not guarantee the actual aid you will receive, and shall not be binding on Marian University, the State of Wisconsin, or the U.S. Department of Education. The estimate is subject to the accuracy of the information you provide, may change if financial or family characteristics change, and does not incorporate any special circumstances, which are reviewed after you officially apply for aid. The student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine eligibility for federal funds.