Liberal Arts Degrees

Marian University Liberal Arts Programs 

The Marian University Liberal Arts programs are designed to produce critical and conscientious thinkers through a strong interdisciplinary curriculum that will encompass your passion while setting you up for successful careers at private companies, nonprofit groups, or educational institutions. Here, you’ll become a well-rounded, critically-minded, technologically-experienced and globally-aware person ready to use your skills for creative, productive and socially responsible purposes. 

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Traditional Undergraduate Liberal Arts Programs

Traditional Undergraduate Offerings 

The versatility of the Marian University Liberal Arts programs will provide you with the in-demand skills employers are seeking and you will be positioned to take on a creative, dynamic, cutting-edge professional career in a range of high-paying and rewarding fields. Through an applied learning approach, you’ll have the opportunity to embrace the strong foundation in critical thinking needed to excel in your post-collegiate endeavors. 

Online Liberal Arts Degrees

Online Liberal Arts Degrees

The 100% online Marian University Liberal Arts programs will empower you to pursue your passion for learning—and develop the skills you need to advance your career. The workplaces of today are looking for sharp professionals who can help them by being critical thinkers and innovative problem solvers. You can be competitive candidate and advance your career with our 7-week accelerated offerings. 

Undergraduate Liberal Arts Minors

Liberal Arts Program Minors

  • History 
  • Marketing 
  • Philosophy 
  • Spanish 
  • Theology 

Experiential Learning and Career Outcomes 

Through hands-on internships, research, and teaching experience, graduates of the Marian University Liberal Arts programs stand out during any hiring process. With opportunities to be a part of capstone projects, volunteer events, and student organizations, you can grow your resume while in school and set yourself up to nail that first job interview. Our classes regularly host individual speakers and experts in your field of interest, and we work tirelessly to ensure you have the experiential learning opportunities you need to become an expert on what it is you’re most passionate about.