Student Resources

Marian University Student Resources

At Marian, we understand that you are pursuing your education while balancing family, work, friends, and other responsibilities. While you are here, you will be inspired to focus on your education, but may need assistance from time to time. We are committed to helping you transition through each stage of your educational journey and assist you with transition to college, in addition to providing support for you and guiding you to the next stage of your life.

Services provided at Marian include: Accuplacer Testing, Career and Graduate School Services, Counseling, and Disability Services.

Counseling Center

The Marian University Counseling Center offers free, confidential counseling assistance to all currently enrolled students. The variety of services offered include individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, educational programs, consultations, and referrals to off-campus counseling resources.

Counselors help students resolve concerns about their personal and social development, and academic progress. Students come to the Counseling Service with a wide range of concerns including: assault, adjusting to college life, alcohol awareness, anxiety concerns, conflict resolution, depression, eating disorders, relationship issues, and personal choices.

For more information, contact the Counseling Center at 920-923-8799 or click here.

Marian University Spirit Store

The Sabre Shop is open on campus for spirit wear, gifts, and fan gear.

Student Health Insurance

Dear Sabres,

Marian University is pleased to announce that a healthcare option exists for current Marian students through WPS Insurance.  Application to and acceptance of this health insurance option is completely voluntarily, as Marian University does not require students to enroll. If you choose to enroll, the health insurance contract will be between you and WPS Insurance.

We believe this to be a great option that is worthy of your consideration should you be in the market for health insurance. For more information visit the WPS Health Insurance website at

Although we are not involved in contracting for this health insurance option, we’d be happy to answer any questions.  Please email us at or call us at 920-923-7666 from Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Printed versions of health insurance documents are available upon request. Please contact

Accessibility Resources

Marian University’s Accessibility Resources is committed to providing equal educational opportunities for all students. Accessibility Resources collaborates with students and the Marian University community to maintain an accessible learning environment that facilitates student achievement of personal, educational and career goals. Accessibility Resources assists students with disabilities as they transition to Marian University through to graduation by offering reasonable academic accommodations, academic support, and advocacy.

Marian University is committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities have equal access to our educational facilities, programs and services. For additional information on Marian’s Policy Applying to Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability or to request accommodations, contact the Director of Accessibility Resources at the Center for Academic Support & Excellence, Administration Building A218, 920-923-8951.

Lisa Olig
Director of Accessibility Resources


Marian University is committed to the academic success of students. The placement exams used by the University are provided by Accuplacer, a division of the College Board, and are administered on computer. Students could be asked to take one or more of the following:

  • Arithmetic
  • Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics
  • Advanced Algebra and Functions

Students are encouraged to take the exam seriously. The results of the exam and the student’s academic history are used by Marian to determine whether students can begin their university career by taking all college-level, credit-bearing courses or whether they will need to spend some time in non-credit bearing courses. The test results may also be used by the University to guide students toward additional academic support.

The results are important in determining course placement of both incoming freshman and transfer students.

Marian has created different testing options giving students more flexibility when scheduling their exam. Providing different options for testing helps students focus solely on the exam.

  • Individual Testing (Students schedule an appointment at Fond du Lac).
  • Remote Testing (Students schedule the assessment off-site/closer to home with an approved proctor).

Accuplacer is an un-timed, adaptive computer test. The adaptive technique selects questions that match an individual’s ability level based on answers to previous questions.  Since the multiple-choice tests are untimed, the tester can take as much time as needed for each question.  However, once an answer is chosen, the tester cannot return to the question to make changes. Time varies from one to two hours depending on the individual student; however, any student with a documented disability warranting accommodations during testing should contact the Coordinator of Disability Services well in advance of scheduling to ensure all necessary documentation is on file.

To help prepare for the exam, students can choose to review basic concepts in arithmetic, algebra and advanced algebra and functions, and reading and writing. Students may find GED, ACT or SAT review books (available at bookstores and public libraries) helpful for reviewing basic skills. Student can also prepare for the Accuplacer by visiting the following websites:

Photo proof of identification is required (Student ID or a Driver’s License). Students are not allowed to use personal calculators or any other resources; therefore, scratch paper will be provided by the test proctor and a computer-based calculator will be available for select questions.

  • Gigi Burnett, Secretary of the Center for Academic Support and Excellence (CASE Office) – 920-923-8097
  • Kelsey Beine, Math Learning Specialist – 920-923-8151
  • Lisa Olig, Director of Accessibility Resources (for accommodation requests) – 920-923-8951