Reading Teacher License – Online

The 100% online Reading Teacher License program is a licensure-only and intended for those who currently hold a Wisconsin teaching license or have completed an approved teacher education program and have had at least two years of teaching experience. The 18-credit graduate-level program meets criteria for the Wisconsin Reading Teacher (316) license. The Reading Teacher License is required for teachers specifically assigned to teach reading in grades PK-12.

The Program provides reading teacher candidates with experiences that reflect the University’s broader mission of developing the whole person. Based on Marian’s Learning-Centered Conceptual framework, the content and design of the program was developed from guidelines and standards of various professional associations, research, and sound professional practice.

Reading Teacher License program is comprised of 18 graduate-level credits, which include practicum and can be completed in three semesters, fall, spring, and summer. This program is offered 100% online to meet the needs of candidates presently teaching.

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Licensure:  Reading Teacher license, granted under Wisconsin DPI code 316.


Reading Teacher License students will take these graduate-level courses (18 credits):

  • RDG 601 – Foundations of Reading, 3 cr.
  • RDG 621 – Literacy for At-Risk and Struggling Learners, 3 cr.
  • RDG 630 – Assessment of Reading, 3 cr.
  • RDG 640 – Advanced Content Literacy, 3 cr.
  • RDG 648 – Multicultural Literacy, 3 cr.
  • RDG 796 – Literacy Practicum, 3 cr.

For more details regarding this program, view Marian’s Academic Bulletin.