Reading Teacher License – Online

Become a Wisconsin Licensed Reading Teacher in Under 12 Months!

Marian University’s 100% online Reading Teacher License program was created to help educators with a Wisconsin teaching license, and at least two years of teaching experience, earn their reading teacher license. Educators can become a state-licensed reading professional for students from pre-kindergarten all the way through high school with Marian’s Department of Public Instruction approved program.

Candidates will develop critical thinking skills and experience an overview of reading assessment theory, materials, and procedures as well as the application of assessment for reading instruction.

This online certification allows educators to maintain their current lifestyle and continue working. Earn the endorsement needed to become a licensed reading teacher in grades PreK-12.

Program Highlights

  • 100% online
  • 18 credits
  • 7-week courses
  • Graduate-level coursework
  • Start during any of the six yearly sessions
  • Complete in less than one year
  • Become qualified for Wisconsin DPI No. 316 license

Less than One Year to Your Wisconsin Reading Teacher License

What are the Requirements to Become a Certified Reading Teacher?

  • Be eligible to hold a Wisconsin teaching license
  • Completed two years of regular classroom teaching
  • Complete an approved program and receive institutional endorsement for the license
  • Pass the Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test (FORT)

What Will Educators Learn in the Practicum Course?

The Literacy Practicum is a 3-credit course. For convenience, the practicum may be completed in the educator’s school and classroom. Course topics include case study, assessment, and instructional strategies for teaching students identified as needing literacy support. Educators reflect on assessment, teaching, and teaching students with reading difficulties.

Reading Teacher License Curriculum

This graduate-level program leads to a reading teacher add-on license No. 316 granted under Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI).

Pursuing an add-on Wisconsin reading teacher license through Marian University allows reading teacher candidates to learn through our Learning-Centered Conceptual Framework, which was developed and designed utilizing guidelines and standards of various professional associations, research, and sound professional practice.

Licensure:  Reading Teacher license, granted under Wisconsin DPI code 316.


Reading Teacher License students will take these graduate-level courses (18 credits):

  • RDG 601 – Foundations of Reading, 3 cr.
  • RDG 621 – Literacy for At-Risk and Struggling Learners, 3 cr.
  • RDG 630 – Assessment of Reading, 3 cr.
  • RDG 640 – Advanced Content Literacy, 3 cr.
  • RDG 648 – Multicultural Literacy, 3 cr.
  • RDG 796 – Literacy Practicum, 3 cr.

For more details regarding this program, view Marian’s Academic Bulletin.

Professional Standards

International Society for Technology in Education
ISTE Standards for Teachers
ISTE-T Standards

InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards
InTasc Standards 

Wisconsin Teacher Standards
WI Teacher Standards