Master of Science in Management Online

Advanced Business Degree – Online MS in Management

Marian University offers a 100% online Master of Science in Management for professionals who are ready to move into leadership roles as managers of an organization whether in private business, non-profit, or government entities.

The MS in Management prepares students with the knowledge and problem-solving experience needed to succeed in a variety of management positions. As an alternative to the MBA, the MS in Management helps students learn how to successfully manage all aspects of organizational resources and is perfect for those students who want to increase their responsibilities and value as an employee.

As a Marian MPath Flexible Program student, you’ll benefit from:

  • 100% online course format
  • Twelve possible starts per year
  • Choose new courses every 4 weeks
  • Custom degree completion plan at student-set pace
  • Finish your degree in as few as 15 months

If your professional path is pointing you toward managerial roles, you’ll benefit from our curriculum grounded in principles that help leaders adapt to the changing business world of today. Read on to learn more about our online Master of Science in Management program and how it can help you in your career.

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MPath Online Program Schedule: Flexible Program

The online Master of Science in Management is designed for professionals who are ready to make a move into leadership in their workplace. Further your education with the convenience of a program made to fit the lives of independent adult learners like yourself. The flexible program provides 12 convenient starts per year and non-sequential courses often without pre-requisites, making it easy to set your own pace and design your completion plan.

As a Marian MPath student you’ll move through the flexible program with a clear path ahead to your MS in Management and the start of a new phase of your career. Comprehensive distance learning support and a robust, interactive learning experience available day or night round out your education. Marian recognizes where you’ve come from and what you need to move forward into the future you are envisioning.

Master of Science in Management Curriculum

The Master of Science in Management program prepares students for leadership and managerial roles through a program that promotes the development of ethical leaders. Marian graduates are prepared to transform businesses through innovative approaches. Our curriculum advances leadership skills through mastery of relevant subject matter in courses such as Business Analytics, Leading Teams, Operations Management, and Managerial Accounting & Control.

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Core Courses

Management majors will take courses covering topics such as:

  • Project management
  • Strategy and ethical decisions
  • Leading ethically and responsibly
  • Leading teams in a global economy
  • Interpersonal leadership
  • Business Acumen: Analyze the organization’s competitive position by considering the market and industry trends, existing and potential customers (internal and external), and strengths and weaknesses as compared to competitors, and use evidence to manage and lead within the organization.
  • Problem Solving: Demonstrate professional practice in anticipating, recognizing, researching, and planning to address both technical problems and adaptive challenges in managing both opportunity and risk in the work of the organization.
  • Personal Effectiveness: Develop and articulate a vision and goals in support of the business’ mission. Demonstrate skilled professional performance in diagnosis, design, and implementation of change processes that maximize the contribution of each person and resource you manage in the organization to attaining that vision.
  • Communications: Use multiple communication skillsets (interpersonal, negotiation, presentation, networking, dialog) to achieve common understanding, build common cause and gain commitment and support for current and planned action from all stakeholders (including clients and customers).
  • Managing and Leading: Manage and lead the professional development, and work of productive teams within the organization, based on vision, goals, interactive strategic planning, foresight, and evidence.
  • Influencing Others: Develop relationships that enables stakeholders to find common ground, develop and display empathy, build bonds of trust, and negotiate decisions leading to mutually beneficial outcomes while advancing the mission, vision and goals of the organization.
  • Thinking creatively and Innovatively: Think in divergent, creative and generative ways that result in innovative ideas, concepts, models, approaches, and solutions.

The MSM practicum is a culmination of theory and practical application. Through the completion of the experiential learning project, students will showcase their competencies and skills creating modern solutions for current business challenges. The practicum includes field-based exploration of projects and engaging work-related activities designed to broaden your approach as learners and leaders.

Marian’s Leader as Learner capstone course is a project-based course that helps students work collaboratively and use critical thinking with a high-degree of emotional intelligence. Students will apply learning from their program to solve a business leader/ managerial related problem.