Developing expertise in modern management best practices and strategies is critical for professionals motivated to move into leadership roles.

A Master of Science in Management helps graduate students achieve that goal. Typically earned earlier in a career than a Master in Business Administration, an online MS in Management prepares graduates for leadership positions whether they work for a non-profit, government agency, or private business.

An online MS in Management provides students with knowledge of the latest management theory, advanced technology, and the application of best practices in real-world situations. It can help professionals make a smoother transition to management-level positions.

What Is an MS in Management?

In many cases, students move from earning their bachelor’s degree straight into a master’s program that focuses on management.

An online MS in Management prepares graduates to succeed in careers where the job description includes overseeing employees and developing business strategies. Graduates from the program have a wide range of advanced business skills. They bring to the table expertise in business analytics, leading teams, operations management, and managerial accounting and control.

The skills perfected in an MS in Management program make graduates strong candidates for positions of responsibility and leadership. For students aspiring to work in management, earning the degree provides an early boost to their careers. 

Popular positions for those earning an MS in Management include:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Health Services Manager
  • Retail District or Regional Manager

Differences Between MS in Management vs. MBA

Deciding between a Master’s in management vs. an MBA typically depends on where a person is in their career. The Economist reports MS in Management degrees are increasingly popular with business students who want to move into management jobs early in their careers. They also note that women, in particular, are enrolling in MS in Management programs in more significant numbers.

The MBA remains the standard for the business world in terms of business leadership education. Unlike the MS in Management, however, most MBA students do not enter a program until later in their careers, usually after at least five years of experience in the workforce.

Many students in an MS in Management program earn their degree faster than those in an MBA program – about 15 months compared to two years. An MS in Management program typically concentrates on foundational business knowledge. By contract, MBAs focus more on business specializations.

Both programs offer significant advantages for professionals seeking rewarding careers in management. The differences typically come down to exactly when in their career students want to earn an advanced business degree, what they want to learn, and how long they want to take to earn the degree.

The Marian University MS in Management Program

Marian University’s 100% online MS in Management degree prepares graduates to succeed as leaders for organizations in every business sector, non-profits, and government agencies.

Marian offers 12 different starts per year. Students set their own pace for when they want to complete the program. They choose new courses every four weeks, finishing their degree in as little as 15 months.

Core courses include:

  • Project management
  • Strategy and ethical decisions
  • Leading ethically and responsibly
  • Leading teams in a global economy
  • Interpersonal leadership

For many people in business, an MS in Management offers a way to advance their career faster and often earlier than an MBA. It also provides students skills in business acumen, problem-solving, personal effectiveness, communications, managing and leading, influencing others, and thinking creatively. All these skills help students become more successful managers and leaders.