Working Families Program

Making a Difference, One Family at a Time

Since its start, Marian University’s Working Families Grant Program has sought to create ripple effects through education. Over nearly 20 years, those ripples have collected into waves of change in the lives it has touched.

The Working Families Grant Program is open to single parents who have “primary or physical placement” of children, and are seeking to attain a four-year bachelor’s degree. Once accepted into the program, students receive support services, tuition assistance, and assistance with rent, childcare, and food. In cases of hardships or emergencies, like a broken-down car, or sudden root canal, discretionary funds may also be given.

For more information, contact Kerry Strupp, Interim Director of the Working Families Grant Program, at 920.923.8953

Marian University’s Working Families Grant Program is one of the nation’s most comprehensive educational programs available to economically disadvantaged single parents wanting to earn an undergraduate degree. By offering stipend grants, support services, and assistance with tuition, rent, and childcare, we help participants create new social and economic opportunities for their future.

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“Education lessens poverty, and lesser poverty, lesser crime. That’s something I learned that will always stick with me,” Angela Threets ’07.

“I am forever grateful and will always be grateful,” Gina Possin ’12 said. “This is something that affects not only the person, the student, but it affects their families and it could go onto affect their families, because it’s so life changing.”

“It pretty much changed the trajectory of my life,” Anna S. ‘18 said. “It’s the greatest thing I ever did for myself.”

Your contribution positively impacts students, families, and the community. Consider a tax-deductible gift to the Working Families Grant Program today!