Successful business leaders possess a combination of in-depth education and extensive experience. The order they achieve that combination varies. For instance, some earn a bachelor’s degree, enter the workforce, and then later earn an online master in management degree. Others move directly from a bachelor’s program into a master’s program.

Either approach is valid. Regardless of which path is taken, earning a master’s degree is a critical, career-boosting step.

For working professionals, Marian University’s 100% online Master of Science in Management program provides high-quality education and schedule flexibility to help them succeed. Graduates leave the program prepared to take on leadership positions in their chosen field.

Most importantly, the extensive curriculum and experienced faculty prepare graduates for a variety of career options.

How Marian University Develops Great Managers

Marian University designed the online master in management program to prepare graduates for success as leaders at private businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. Students learn the latest management theories and how to apply them in real-world situations.

The school accomplishes that goal with a curriculum designed to develop modern leaders and a faculty with experience in successful management. The degree is offered online through Marian University’s MPath Flexible Program that gives working professionals the opportunity to earn a graduate degree while maintaining their current job.

The program offers 12 start dates throughout the year, with new courses every four weeks. Students set their own pace for completing their degree, which can be done in as little as 15 months.

Coursework in the program includes Intrapersonal Leadership, Leading Teams in a Global Economy, Leading Through Influence and Negotiation, and Leading Ethically and Responsibly. Students also learn management accounting for financial and business decisions, business analytics, strategic decision-making, and project management.

Where a Master In Management Can Take You

Graduates from an online master in management program have prepared themselves for some of the most important roles any organization offers. With knowledge of management theory and skills in the practical application of that knowledge, graduates can take on any of the following roles in industries as varied as banking, consulting, manufacturing, and construction.

All job projection and salary numbers come from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Sales Manager

No matter the industry, sales provide the life’s blood for a successful business. A manager who oversees sales takes on one of the most critical roles in any type of operation. Sales managers work with executives to develop a sales strategy and set overall sales goals. They also work with their employees to set individual and team sales goals. Projections call for a 4% increase in sales manager jobs by 2029. The average salary for the position reached $139,230 in Wisconsin in May 2019.

Human Resources Manager

A human resources manager oversees the recruiting, training, and retention of talented employees with skills that match the company’s needs. They often work with other department leaders to coordinate efforts on finding the right employees. In addition, they also create an overall strategy for identifying and training employees with the potential for leadership. Projections call for a 6% increase in human resources manager jobs by 2029. The average salary for the position reached $122,390 in Wisconsin in May 2019.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers identify consumers likely to have the most interest in a company’s products or services and then target them with creative marketing messages. Understanding digital marketing, including the use of mobile and social media, is key to success as a modern marketing manager. Projections call for a 6% increase in marketing manager jobs by 2029. The average salary for the position reached $125,870 in Wisconsin in May 2019.

Public Relations Manager

Public relations managers focus on raising brand awareness and managing the image of an organization. This typically involves the creation of public relations materials, both traditional and digital, as well as handling press releases. Projections call for a 9% increase in public relations manager jobs by 2029. The average salary for the position reached $109,480 in Wisconsin in May 2019.

Training and Development Manager

Often working within the human resources department, training and development managers oversee programs that boost the knowledge and skills of an organization’s employees. This can include the creation of training manuals and videos, as well as helping develop talented staff for bigger roles in an organization. Projections call for a 7% increase in training and development manager jobs by 2029. The average salary for the position reached $112,940 in Wisconsin in May 2019.

Project Manager

Organizations increasingly turn to projects to achieve company goals. What this means is that project managers have become integral to success in business. Those with a master’s in management will find the quality for these important roles. Additionally, many also pursue certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP). The BLS does not track project managers as a separate career, but Indeed reports that project managers in Wisconsin make more than $92,000 a year in salary and bonuses.

These examples represent just some of the management positions graduates can pursue once they earn an online master in management degree. Given the opportunities to which it leads, the graduate degree is a smart step for both experienced professionals and those who recently completed a bachelor’s program.