Marian University NCLEX pass rate is 96 percent, reflecting enhanced curriculum and faculty commitment

Rising Scores Indicative of the School’s Investment in On-Campus Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree Programs and Dedication to Successful Student Outcomes

Marian University, one of Wisconsin’s highest-rated and affordable private schools, has seen an increased NCLEX pass rate for graduates of the university’s on-campus Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs. The Marian University NCLEX pass rate of 96% ranks among the top scores in the state, according to official statistics kept by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) NCLEX Program Report. 

Nurses must pass the NCLEX-RN to earn their registered nurse license. The increase in NCLEX pass rates for Marian University graduates is the product of changes made by university officials to enhance the three-year and four-year on-campus BSN programs.

Those changes include conversion from a traditional, medical model curriculum to a concept-based curriculum that offers a comprehensive and holistic approach. Marian University also invested in technology, growing a program that now has four high fidelity simulators that allow students to experience patient care scenarios in obstetrics, pediatrics, acute care, and medical-surgical.

Kimberly A. Udlis (Ph.D., FNP-BC, FAANP), the Associate Dean and Chief Nurse Administrator for the Marian University Nursing Department, said investment in the programs and the rising NCLEX pass rate indicate the school’s ongoing commitment to success for nursing students.

“Marian University has a long history of producing highly qualified nurses. We continue to live the Marian mission by engaging students in the education of the whole person. The educational experience of our students is our highest priority,” said Udlis. “The rising NCLEX pass rate is a testament to expert leadership, the undergraduate faculty, adjuncts and Nursing Department support staff. They are a wonderful team focused on student outcomes and success.”

The concept-based curriculum allows students to apply conceptual learning to a variety of scenarios, rather than learning each topic in isolation. Thians enhances students’ critical-thinking skills, allowing them to resolve challenges they have never encountered before. Students also can complete their degree faster by entering the three-year nursing program that includes two summer sessions.

The nursing program faculty, which includes five Certified Nurse Educators, focuses on supporting each student throughout their academic journey, another factor contributing to the rising Marian University NCLEX pass rates.

“The program and faculty do a great job of preparing students to be advocates for themselves,” said Alexander Rink, a May 2020 graduate from the Marian University BS in Nursing program. “They do an excellent job of showing us as many practical experiences and opportunities as possible and instill a sense of work ethic in us.”

About Marian University

Marian University is a regionally accredited, co-educational Catholic University that inspires personal and professional success through an engaging, values-based education. Founded in 1936 by the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes as a college for teachers, Marian University has grown to offer a full slate of degrees but the focus to liberal arts excellence and a focus on students has never changed. Marian University maintains a commitment to the core values of community, learning, service, social justice and spiritual traditions. Marian University has been named a “High Lifetime Return on Investment (ROI) College” among all public and private Wisconsin colleges and universities by Affordable Colleges Online (ACO).