Marian University offers a 100% online dental hygiene bachelor’s degree completion program that allows working hygienists to advance their careers and expand their skills and knowledge. The program is the only dental hygienist degree completion program offered in Wisconsin.

The online bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene program is designed to give working adults the flexibility to earn a degree while maintaining their current jobs. Students control the pace of the program and can enroll for full-time or part-time study.

“Building on the foundation you learned as a clinical dental hygienist can serve as a catalyst for other professional career roles,” said Colleen M. Brickle, EdD, RDH, RF, Program Director of Dental Hygiene at Marian University. “Embarking on an educational journey to complete this innovative baccalaureate degree will open the door to new opportunities.”

Reasons to Complete an Online BS in Dental Hygiene

The following offers eight reasons why entering the Marian University online BS in Dental Hygiene program is an excellent next step for elevating a dental hygiene career to the next level.

Online Flexibility

Working full-time and attending college once seemed an impossible task for working adults. Online education changes that. Distance learning allows porfessionals to keep their current job while taking seven-week courses online. Enrolling full-time or part-time gives students additional control over their schedule.

Generous Credit Transfer Policy

Marian University supports students completing their bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene faster by providing a generous credit transfer policy. Students can transfer up to 90 credits of the 120 needed to earn the BS in Dental Hygiene. The university reviews transcripts for general education courses like math, English, and history. Also, Marian awards applicants with credits for courses taken in an associate degree program: 12 credits for lab courses, 12 for clinical courses, and 11 for theory courses.

Wisconsin Act 20

Under the Wisconsin Act 20 of 2017, dental hygienists can practice without the presence of a dentist in certain circumstances where they are bringing dental care to underserved populations. These include rural areas, correctional facilities, nursing homes, adult day care centers, community rehabilitation programs, non-profit home health agencies, charitable institutions open to the general public, or members of a religious sect or order. The law opens the door for dental hygienists to open a private practices.

Affordable Tuition

Marian University’s mission is to provide value-based education to all students. This mission starts by working hard to keep tuition rates low. In addition, all Wisconsin Technical College graduates and employees get a 10 percent tuition discount when they earn their bachelor’s degree at Marian University. The university also will assist students in applying for federal financial aid to complete their degrees.

Career Opportunities

The skills and knowledge learned in an online bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene allow graduates to move into corporate management or sales careers, should they wish. Graduates also have increased opportunities in public health and administration.

Building a Stronger Skill Set

Earning a bachelor’s degree makes dental hygienists better at what they do by expanding their skills and honing the ones they already possess. Students in the BS in Dental Hygiene program develop skills in critical thinking, leadership, project management, research, teaching, advocacy work, and serving diverse populations.

Learn About Community Health

Students in the bachelor’s degree program learn how to serve disadvantaged communities better and employ practices that lead to better health outcomes for all people. Students explore community dental health practice, management of oral healthcare delivery, health equity in diverse populations, research in DH practice, and leading and managing healthcare teams.

A Career in High Demand

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 11 percent increase in dental hygienists by 2030. By comparison, the BLS projects economy-wide job growth at only 8 percent.

While all these benefits apply to people in Wisconsin, out-of-state students are welcome to apply for Marian University’s bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene. The online program allows students to earn their degrees no matter where they live.