Graduates from a bachelor of business management program enjoy the opportunities that having transferable skills offers. That’s because no industry can operate without skilled managers. With a business management degree in hand, graduates are prepared to excel in administrative roles in the industry of their choosing.

Those choices continue to multiply. As businesses continue to expand globally, management occupations are expected to grow faster than the average for all professions. Students earning an online Bachelor of Business Administration in Management position themselves to benefit from this trend.

What Do Business Managers Do?

People understand the concept of management from the moment they walk into their first job and find they have a “boss.”  Managers typically oversee a unit or department within a larger operation, focusing on one aspect of the business (such as pay and benefits).

The jobs can range from developing emergency management planning for a city to overseeing business accounts at a bank branch. Managers also work in human resources, accounting, finance, operations, and facilities.

Management job duties include directing and monitoring the activities of employees. Managers typically handle employee evaluations, the daily schedule, setting team goals, coordinating employee activity, and working with human resources on interviewing job candidates for their department.

Business Management Career Options

Earning a bachelor of business management degree provides a variety of career options. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists some of the many management occupations in the United States. The BLS gives the median salary in these professions as of May 2020.

Following are examples of the variety of jobs available for management graduates. All these positions require earning a bachelor’s degree.

Administrative Services and Facilities Managers

Sometimes called business office managers, they oversee all the activities that keep businesses running smoothly. This includes maintaining records, office upkeep, and mail distribution. The BLS projects 6% job growth by 2029. ($98,890)

Compensation and Benefits Managers

Compensation and benefits managers typically work in human resources. They oversee the plans that set pay structures for the company, including managing contracts with outside vendors. The BLS projects 3% job growth by 2029. ($125,130)

Emergency Management Directors

The work entails assessing the potential for damage from emergencies in their area. After this assessment, they then design plans that help communities prepare for disasters and give directions on what to do if one happens. The BLS projects 4% job growth by 2029. ($76,250)

Human Resource Managers

HR managers oversee the recruiting, hiring, training, and retention of employees for a business. They also work with company executives to recruit personnel with the skills that most benefit a company. The BLS projects 6% job growth by 2029. ($121,220)

Sales Managers

Sales managers supervise sales teams. They analyze data and determine sales targets for individuals and teams. They play a key role in training sales representatives. The BLS projects 4% job growth by 2029. ($132,290).

The Marian University Business Management Degree

Marian University offers its BBA in Management 100% online. That’s key for working adults who want to launch a management career but must maintain their current job. Students also benefit from an experienced faculty that teaches business theory and how to apply that theory to real-world situations. “Throughout the program, students receive real-life examples using their newly acquired skills,” says Dr. Cheryl Seelig, MSN, DHA, and Health Care Administration Program Chair.

Each student takes core business courses that include:

  • Introduction to Business
  • Financial Accounting
  • International Business
  • Business Law
  • Strategy and Policy
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Managerial Finance
  • Principles of Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Information Technology

Business majors also take courses in international organizational behavior, human resource management, entrepreneurship and small business management, and project management. Students also choose from a list of elective business courses that include Operations Management, Leadership in Ethical Organizations, Management Skills Development, and Process and Quality.

The bachelor of business management program offers a comprehensive education for students motivated to boost their careers and enter the administrative ranks. It’s a field that offers solid growth, good salaries, and the chance to work in many interesting industries.