Ready to apply

In the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic of spring 2020, many potential college students may have put off their decision about where to enroll in college. The good news is that there is still plenty of time to apply to college and make a decision to commit to furthering your education.

At Marian University, freshman students must apply by Aug. 1, 2020 to enter college in the fall semester that starts Aug. 24, 2020. That means students don’t have to miss out on college this year, but they need to act on or before Aug.1.

This applies to new freshman, adult learners, and transfer students.

“It’s been a difficult year, but no one should give up on their dream of getting a college education,” said Shannon LaLuzerne, Marian University’s Dean of Admission. “Marian University believes in giving an opportunity to every student who wants to obtain a college degree and providing the tools for every student to be successful.”

Why Marian University?

New freshman, adult learners, and transfer students can receive a quality, affordable private school education at Marian University. Located in Fond du Lac, Marian University provides both online and on-campus degree programs. Some of the advantages of attending Marian University include the following.

Many Degree Options

The university offers a broad range of undergraduate degree programs. Fields of study include:

  • Business
  • Nursing
  • Teaching
  • Healthcare
  • Sports management
  • Social work
  • Criminal justice
  • Communications
  • Finance
  • Homeland security
  • Marketing
  • Psychology

Marian University has also developed new general education requirements that allow students to pick from four educational tracks, choosing general education courses that suit their interests. Overall, the university requires fewer general education courses than most schools, which allows students more time to spend on courses for their major.

Unparalleled Student Support

At Marian University, students benefit from direct entry into their program of choice, with many programs offering hands-on experience even freshman year.

Students at Marian University also receive strong support from the academic support services infrastructure university officials have built over the years. The university has created a culture where the focus is on giving students the support they need for success.

This includes an individual advisor for each student who ensures that the school is meeting their needs and guiding them toward achievement of academic and career goals.

Strong Financial Aid

On average, Marian University awards financial aid that covers two-thirds of a student’s costs. Also, 99% of Marian University students receive some type of financial aid. The university encourages anyone who applies to also create an account with the federal student aid program to find out what type of financial aid they can receive.

Marian University provides a great deal of support and guidance in this area, as well. You can start by visiting the school’s financial aid webpage.

How to Apply to Marian University

Potential students still have time to apply for the fall semester at Marian University. To start the process, you can create an account with the school and apply online. Marian University does not charge an application fee.

Those who wish to have a paper application can request one by emailing

If you want to transfer from another school, Marian University offers a generous transfer policy. Students can transfer up to 96 credits from other schools if they meet Marian University’s academic and accreditation standards.

The application criteria for undergraduates is a C average (2.00 GPA on a 4.00 scale), a rank in the upper half of their high school graduating class, and a minimum composite score of 18 on the ACT or 940 on the SAT.

“Students choose Marian University not only for the strong academic programs but also for the caring faculty and staff who are cheering the students on along their journey. We are right here with you,” said LaLuzerne. “Every student has their own story, and at Marian University we want to be a part of your story.”