mother and daughter huggingTo our moms. To our dads. To our grandpas and grandmas. To our siblings. To those special people who helped us get here.

Thank you and we love you.

While we’ve been busy going through our college admission packets, selecting our rooms, and making decisions left and right, as we pack and repack, we want to tell you that you have not been forgotten.

Thank you for helping us get to this point – there’s no way we could be here at Marian University without your love and guidance. You were the ones who changed our diapers, taught us how to read, and advocated for us.

You were the ones who drove us to and from school and allowed us to be involved sports, music practice, and student council, among other clubs and organizations. You were the ones who stayed up with us while we finished mountains of homework and helped make sure our time in school was experiential and fun. You let us make mistakes and learn from them.  You kept us safe and were there for us whenever we needed.

As we head into the unknown, please know that you are always with us. You’ll be there when we head into our first class, or take on our first on-campus job. You’ll be there when we’re studying for midterms, or with us as we panic until our final semester grades are posted. Even if you’re miles away, we promise to call. We promise to text. And we promise to visit. Often.

We aren’t here because of luck. We’re here at Marian because we’ve worked hard and were given this amazing opportunity to achieve our goals.

Thanks for letting us fulfill our dreams and find our passion in life.

We love you.

Class of 2021