The Spanish education minor leads to licensure to teach the language in grades 1-8. It consists of a minor in Spanish, a major in elementary-middle education, and additional experiences required by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Students must complete all requirements for the elementary-middle education major, including achieving satisfactory scores on the Praxis II exams in Oral Proficiency and Writing Proficiency in Spanish. Students must study applied linguistics and complete either SPA 390: Spanish Language Immersion Seminar and Practicum, 1-3 cr., or a 4-6 week study abroad immersion program.

27 credits as follows:
24 credits:
SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I, 3 cr.
SPA 102 Elementary Spanish II, 3 cr.
SPA 201 Intermediate Spanish I, 3 cr.
SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II, 3 cr.
SPA 301 Latin American Civilizations, 3 cr.
SPA 401 Introduction to Literary Studies in Spanish, 3 cr.
SPA 402 Hispanic Literature of Social Conscience, 3 cr.
FLE 470 Foreign Language Curriculum and Methods (PK-12), 3 cr.

3 credits from the following:
SPA 302 History and Culture of Spain, 3 cr.
SPA 311 Advanced Spanish Grammar, 3 cr.
SPA 312 Advanced Composition and Conversation in Spanish, 3 cr.
SPA 320 Hispanic Experience in the United States, 3 cr.
SPA 322 To Be A Woman in Latin America, 3 cr.
SPA 324 Truth and Memory in Latin America, 3 cr.
SPA 411 Masterpieces of Spanish Literature, 3 cr.
SPA 412 Masterpieces of Spanish-American Literature, 3 cr.
SPA 413 Twentieth Century Hispanic Literature, 3 cr.

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