Students interested in attending Marian University in the Fall 2022 semester can benefit right now by submitting an application and high school transcript by Jan. 1, 2022. Students who apply by that date will receive Early Sabre Priority, a status with many advantages.

Marian University created the Early Sabre Priority to reward those who plan ahead and make the freshman college experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Students can easily apply to Marian University by creating an online account.

Choosing a school and preparing for freshman year can be stressful for students and their families. Marian University strives to make this important life transition go as smoothly as possible.

“We’re here to help our freshmen students because we know the process can get overwhelming for them,” said Megan Liptow, Director of Freshman Undergraduate Admission at Marian University. “This should be a special time for students, not a stressful one. By earning Early Priority Status, students can get some peace of mind knowing they have taken an important step toward making their experience at Marian as convenient as possible.”

Benefits of Early Sabre Priority

Earning Early Sabre Priority status comes with many benefits, including:

Early Housing Choice

Housing is a big part of the freshman college experience, and those who earn Early Sabre Priority status get to make their choice first. Most freshmen typically choose between Naber Hall and The Courtyards. To get to the top of the list, applicants should submit their electronic housing contract by Jan. 1, 2022.

Early Course Selection

Accepted students who have Early Sabre Priority get to choose their classes and class times first, ensuring they get the courses they want on the days and times they want them.

First For Financial Aid

Financial aid ranks along with housing and course selection as the biggest issues freshmen face as they prepare to transition to college. By earning Early Sabre Priority, they get the opportunity to become the first students considered for financial aid, including the many scholarships offered by Marian University. Students should also register as early as possible for federal student aid. 

Receive Free Gifts

Marian University gives Early Sabre Priority applicants a Marian University spirit flag and a $10 voucher toward any item in the Spirit Stop.

Get Discount For Campus Tour

Early applicants who visit the Marian University campus to take a tour receive a $250 award applied to tuition.

Liptow said the multiple benefits make applying early a smart choice for students. “They know far in advance they have a jump on the important issues of housing, course selection, and financial aid. That’s a good feeling to have as they enter their final semester of high school.”

By applying for the Fall 2022 semester by Jan. 1, 2022, students can get a lead on the rest and take advantage of earning Early Sabre Priority status. Make an online account today and start your journey toward a great freshman year at Marian University.