Business and Industry Award Descriptions

Marian University’s annual Business & Industry Awards recognize the best in businesses based in Wisconsin or with significant Wisconsin operations. Awards may be presented in the following categories; not all categories are used in a given year.

Business of the Year

Given to a public or private company that is a leader and innovator in its field of endeavor. The Business of the Year sees building long‐term relationships as more important than individual sales of products or services. Businesses of the Year are known for taking successful risks in meeting customer and market needs and in growing their companies, even far beyond (in terms of geography, scope or products or services) where the company originated. Businesses of the Year also are well known for their contributions to the economy and their communities.

Community Collaboration Award

Given to companies, organizations, or individuals that have collaborated in some manner to positively impact the greater Fond du Lac community.

Economic Development Award

Given to an individual, business or organization that has made a significant contribution to improving the regional or state economy through increasing employment, creating a destination location, community recognition, or other obvious contribution to the economy.

Entrepreneur of the Year

Recognizes companies or individuals who have taken the risk and unique challenges of creating a business and done so successfully. These award‐winners stand out for having created a product or service that previously was not offered, or was not offered in the unique way the award‐winner offers it.  Categories (not all are awarded every year) include Manufacturing, Service, Retail/Recreation, and Individual.

International Business Achievement Award

Given to companies that have successfully expanded their operations to where a significant portion of their business and a significant presence is in markets outside North America.

Special Achievement Award

Given to an individual, company, charitable organization or civic group for making a significant continuing contribution to Wisconsin.  Recognition is given to organizations that have a connection with Marian University who promote positive values and support the growth and development of their community, their employees and society.

George Becker Business Spirit Award

Given to an individual, company, charitable organization or civic group whose good business practices benefit the community, either through the ways they do business or through the recipients’ contribution to the community.