How we’ve handled COVID-19 and our plan to stay healthy

Marian University welcomed students back to campus for the Fall 2020 semester on August 24, with face-to-face classes scheduled to conclude before Thanksgiving, and the semester finishing after one week of online classes and online exams. The health and safety of the Marian University community is our top priority. In light of the global spread of COVID-19, Marian University continues to take steps to ensure that its students, faculty, and staff are protected from this public health issue – including the creation of a Fall Reopening Guide.

How has Marian University responded to COVID-19?

We are monitoring the situation closely, and as such are proactively working with the Fond du Lac County Health Department, while also receiving guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health Services. A group has convened and has been tasked with making informed decisions and providing you timely and relevant information related to those developments here, as well as via email and on social media.

How we’re approaching the Fall 2020 semester

Marian University began holding in-person face-to-face learning experiences and will utilize a regular fall semester calendar for traditional undergraduate students, which began on August 24. To ensure that students, faculty, and staff returned to a safe and healthy campus, policies and protocols for this reopening have been established to align with orders and ordinances of the City of Fond du Lac and Fond du Lac County, as well as the State of Wisconsin’s Phased Reopening Model. Additionally, we continue monitoring information related to the pandemic closely, and as such are proactively working with the Fond du Lac County Health Department, while also receiving guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Department of Health Services. As our knowledge of the pandemic continues to evolve, so will our policies and plans, which will be updated accordingly here with honesty, clarity and transparency, as information becomes available.


A Note to Visitors: COVID-19 Protocols

As a guest of Marian University we ask that all visitors embrace our Core Value of Community and follow our practices to reduce the risk of possibly spreading COVID-19 to our campus. Please read this document, understand and follow the protocols listed, and check the boxes and sign accordingly.

Alert Level Status

Marian University uses a system of alerts to communicate the level of danger we face as a community from threats to our campus, including COVID-19. These alert levels guide our decisions as we determine when and if we need to take additional measures to protect safety and reduce our operations. Five alert levels mark the degree of risk on our campus, and we are currently operating at a Level 2. The parameters that make up the levels can be found here.

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Residence Life

Residence Life, in consultation with local, state and national health care experts, has created plans to help ensure students living on-campus have the best possible chance at staying healthy and safe during the Fall semester. As Marian University looks to give students a positive on-campus experience, it will abide by all local, state, and national mandates, and those plans may change as the recommendations and guidelines determined by local and state health officials change.

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