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The Marian University Online BS in Radiologic Technology program is designed to help individuals certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists to conveniently and efficiently complete their bachelor’s in less than two years. Courses are offered in a flexible 7-week accelerated format and give students the opportunity to grow their critical thinking, management, and communication skills.

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With six possible start times each year, our 100% Online Radiologic Technology program will prepare you to:

  • Develop the strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to qualify for senior roles.
  • Boost your career potential quickly, as your ARRT certification is equivalent to 60 credit hours of upper-level courses – finish your bachelor’s in half the time.
  • Maintain life balance as you complete all coursework online and on your schedule.

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Why earn a Bachelor’s in Radiologic Technology?

The Marian University Online Radiologic Technology completion program helps working radiologic technologists round out their technical training with a foundation in the liberal arts, building on their professional experience to develop strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Those in the program may also add a specialization with a minor in Business Administration, Management, Healthcare Administration, or Psychology.

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MPath Online Program Schedule: 7-Week Accelerated

The completion program is custom-made for working rad techs who are ready to take their education and career to the next level.

Choose Your Start Date
Classes that begin every seven weeks allow busy students to choose the best time to start.

Focus on Your Course
Fewer courses at a time empower students to clearly focus on excelling at the task at hand.

The Ultimate in Flexibility
It’s easy to fit school into your life with 100% online courses and a new schedule every seven weeks.

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The Marian University Online BS in Radiologic Technology program provides for the continued personal and professional growth of nontraditional adult learners. It is aligned with the changing needs of communities and organizations in the global healthcare workplace. The completion program is designed for students who have completed a two-year program in an accredited school of radiologic technology and wish to achieve a baccalaureate degree. Students are credited with 60 credits toward their degree for having successfully completed the two-year Radiologic Technology Program, including certification. Coursework includes the liberal arts courses required to complete the baccalaureate degree and a choice among minors.

Have you completed your A.A.S. in Radiologic Technology at Northeast Iowa Community College and hold your ARRT certification? Please visit our NICC information page to learn how your associate’s helps you complete your bachelor’s faster.

Liberal arts core, 30 credits:

A course designed to enhance students’ composition and critical-thinking skills, by providing experiences with a range of writing strategies, with emphasis on expository and argumentative prose. Students develop their awareness of the resources of language and of the stages in the writing process. The course aims to make students competent in standard edited English and to prepare them for the writing they will do in college and in their careers. The course also introduces students to the principles of college research, with emphasis on analytical reading of research material, focused use of sources, and the methodology of citation and documentation. It acquaints students with techniques of interviewing and conducting surveys, as well as with search strategies involving resources in print. The course provides guidance for students as they apply research principles to subjects within their disciplines or areas of interest.

ART Art elective
MUS Music elective
ENG Literature elective
BIO Biological, ecological, or environmental science elective
PHS Physical science, chemistry, or physics elective
MAT Mathematics elective
SOC Sociology elective
PSY General Psychology or Human Development

A survey of world civilizations from the 16th century to the present. Exploration of the cultural, political and economic development of humankind in a global context.

HIS 2xx History elective

An introduction to Christian theology understood as the critical and reflective study of God’s revelation through the person, life, and teaching of Jesus Christ and of the implications of this revelation. Proceeding from the Catholic intellectual tradition and incorporating perspectives of other Christian traditions, this study aims to present theology as a striving for the harmony of faith and reason. Through critical study and reflection, students are introduced to specific concepts, terminology, and methodologies needed to participate well in on-going theological dialogue. Students have the opportunity to apply and reflect on their knowledge in written work, presentations, service-learning, community service, and/or retreat experiences.

THE 2xx Theology elective

This introductory philosophy course builds on the critical reading and thinking outcomes students will have achieved in the First Year Seminar, and prepares students for their future studies and for life by leading them to develop their abilities in three outcome areas: Interpretive Reasoning, Critical Reasoning, and Global Citizenship. Through engagement with historical, multicultural, and contemporary texts students will learn how to interpret texts, move from evidence to conclusions, and use their interpretations and conclusions to live a more examined life.

PHI 2xx Philosophy elective
PHI 200: Bioethics recommended

Radiologic technology core, 60 credits:

Two-year radiologic technology program from an accredited school of radiologic technology transferred as RAD 380, 390, 395, 400, 410, and 415.

15-24 minor credits:
Choose one of the following minors:

Business Administration Minor – Online
History Minor – Online
Management Minor – Online
Marketing Minor – Online
Healthcare Administration Minor – Online

The Marian University Online BS in Radiologic Technology program incorporates professional education with a rich liberal arts foundation. As our population continues to age, our healthcare system will continue expanding to meet this need. To gain leverage in this competitive environment, a foundation in the liberal arts helps students build on their experiences by developing strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Sponsored by the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes, Marian University engages students in the education of the whole person. We embrace justice and compassion and transform lives for professional service and leadership in the global community.

Marian University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

To be accepted into the Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology, you must:

  • Possess an ARRT credential (with education from an accredited school or hospital program)
  • Have a 2.0 GPA or higher
  • Complete the application process by clicking here
Tabitha Miller

Returning to classes as an adult meant juggling family, work, and school. I wanted to focus on courses necessary for me to advance in the field of radiography. Marian’s Radiologic Technology Completion Program provided an opportunity for me to maintain life balance while developing skills in management and leadership. This made it possible for me to advance to an instructional position in radiologic technology.

– Tabitha Miller, Radiologic Technology Instructor & Clinical Cooordinator

Tracey Marx

Tuition information for this program can be found here.

Term Starts & Application Deadlines

Terms Application Deadline Term Start
Summer II 2020 June 30th July 6th
Fall I 2020 August 24th August 31st
Fall II 2020 October 19th October 26th

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