The Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Minor will be open to students in any major (except Forensic Science), but it will be of most interest to students majoring in criminal justice, homeland security, psychology, or social work. The coursework will introduce students to the fields of criminal justice, crime scene investigation, and forensic science. Both lecture and laboratory classes are incorporated into the curriculum.

21 credits as follows:

18 credits:

CRJ 101       Introduction to the Criminal Justice System, 3 cr.
CRJ 304       Rules of Evidence, 3 cr.
FOS 101      Introduction to Forensic Science, 4 cr.
FOS 300      Forensic Photography, 3 cr.
FOS 350      Forensic Photography Lab, 1 cr.
FOS 305      Crime Scene Investigation, 3 cr.
FOS 355      Crime Scene Investigation Lab, 1 cr.


3 elective credits from the following:

FOS 406      Detection and Recovery of Remains, 2 cr.
FOS 407      Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, 2 cr.
FOS 457      Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Lab, 1 cr.
FOS 408      Fingerprint Analysis, 2 cr.
FOS 458      Fingerprint Analysis Lab, 1 cr.
FOS 404      Special Topics in Forensic Science, 2-3 cr.


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