Licensure: Wisconsin Coaching (540) Early Childhood–Adolescence Education (74) Supplemental Teaching Category. Also available for non-education majors without leading to licensure.

The Athletic Coaching minor is designed to prepare students for certain coaching responsibilities within schools and/or recreational programs. The required curriculum prepares students to begin a career in coaching by focusing on the organization and administration of athletics as well as hands-on experiences in coaching theories and sport-specific training opportunities. Attention is also given to the prevention and care of common injuries along with a look at the psycho-social aspects that influence sports organizations. Students are
provided with opportunities to learn first-hand from seasoned coaches and professionals, and then to take that knowledge into a field experience with a local program.

24 credits as follows:
22 credits:
ESS 205 Health, Safety, and First Aid, 2 cr.
ESS 210 Principles of Coaching, 2 cr.
ESS 320 Current Issues in Sport, 2 cr.
ESS 325 Sociology of Sport, 3 cr.
ESS 330 Prevention, Care, and Treatment of Athletic Injuries, 3 cr.
ESS 350 Organization and Administration of Athletics, 3 cr.
ESS 420 Principles of Strength Training and Conditioning, 3 cr.
ESS 433 Psychological and Motivational Aspects of Sport, 3 cr.
ESS 491 Coaching Practicum, 1 cr.

2 credits:
Choose two Sport Theory courses from the following:
ESS 110 Sport Theory: Basketball, 1 cr.
ESS 111 Sport Theory: Football, 1 cr.
ESS 112 Sport Theory: Ice Hockey, 1 cr.
ESS 113 Sport Theory: Soccer, 1 cr.
ESS 114 Sport Theory: Volleyball, 1 cr.
ESS 115 Sport Theory: Baseball, 1 cr.
ESS 116 Sport Theory: Softball, 1 cr.
ESS 117 Sport Theory: Tennis, 1 cr.
ESS 118 Sport Theory: Golf, 1 cr.
ESS 119 Sport Theory: Track and Field, 1 cr.
ESS 120 Sport Theory: Officiating, 1 cr.
ESS 121 Sport Theory: Weightlifting, 1 cr.

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