Dear Cardinal Stritch Students, We Can’t Wait to Welcome You to Marian University!

We love it here at Marian University of Wisconsin and know you will too.  It’s a great campus community that’s welcoming to all – it’s easy to find friends here.  Our faculty are experts in their field and they care about the students.  Bring your own interests and your talents, because what you bring makes a difference for us, too.

Your Credits Will Be Accepted at Marian University

For undergraduate degrees, all credits successfully completed from CSU students will be accepted toward an equal or comparable degree program at Marian University. Marian will accept 100% of all credits granted or accepted in transfer from CSU and guarantee admission to CSU students in good academic standing. There are no application fees.

Your Costs Will Be the Same, or Maybe Less

The net cost to complete courses and other requirements to graduate for each student transferring to Marian from CSU will cost the same or less than what you would pay at CSU, inclusive of all costs: tuition, residency expenses, fees, etc.  For each student transitioning to Marian from CSU, the applicable undergraduate net tuition to complete required courses for graduation will cost the same or less than what the student paid at CSU in their last year of enrollment, with applicable annual tuition rate increases thereafter.  International students and athletic-award equivalencies will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Room/Board as well as Course/Program/Other fees beyond the tuition will be charged at the Marian published undergraduate rate.

Have your FAFSA sent to Marian University, FAFSA school code: 003861

Ready to become a Sabre? Reach out!

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