Pre College – Learn while you earn college credit

100% Online Pre-College courses to help high school students get ahead and incoming freshmen get a head start

Want to know more about a career before going all-in?

Learn more about the career that most interests you AND earn college credit! We offer 100% online pre-college courses featuring guest speakers with first-hand knowledge and expertise – we’ll catch you up on the latest trends from the fields you see a future in. Plus, for each course you pass, you’ll receive a $500 per year award to be used toward Marian tuition should you decide to enroll here.

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Introduction to Criminal Investigation Professions (CRJ-204 – 1 credit)

Date: 3/13/23 – 4/10/23

Time: 6 – 7 PM (Monday’s)

$50 Registration fee

Be prepared to explore crime solving techniques, with each class focused on a new aspect of crime scene investigation and careers in forensic science, criminal justice, psychology, biology, homeland security, social work, and social justice.

Introduction to Business Professions (BUA-100 – 1 credit)

Date: 3/14/23 – 4/11/23

Time: 7 – 8 PM (Tuesday’s)

$50 Registration fee

Each class will introduce students to a new aspect of business. Careers explored will include accounting, business administration, finance, health care administration, marketing, management, management information systems, sports and recreation management, and additional business fields.

Introduction to Health Professions (ALH-100 – 1 credit)

Date: 3/15/23 – 4/12/23

Time: 6 – 7 PM (Wednesday’s)

$50 Registration fee

Each class will introduce students to a new aspect of health care. Careers explored will include nursing, radiologic technology, sonography, forensic science, psychology, social work, expressive and therapeutic arts, exercise and sports science, and other pre-professional health programs.