Marian University’s mission is to provide high-quality education to as many students as possible. As part of this mission, Marian offers affordable nursing programs that prepare the next generation of professionals to excel in the most critical job in healthcare.

Marian University redoubles its efforts to make a college education more affordable by lowering tuition for the RN to BSN Completion Program and Master of Science in Nursing programs. The cost per credit for the RN to BSN Completion Program is now $450. For the MSN programs, the cost is $745 per credit.

Jennifer Nicpon, graduate nursing program director at Marian University and an assistant professor, said the change keeps with the university’s goal of providing one of Wisconsin’s most affordable nursing programs.

“As educators, we want to reach as many students as possible. The last thing we want to see in Wisconsin – or anywhere – are people with the ambition and skills to become a nurse but who can’t afford the tuition to do so,” said Nicpon. “Given the challenging economic times we’ve all gone through in recent years, we wanted to take action that directly aids those who aspire to earn a BSN or MSN.”

Marian University Core Values and Mission

While a tuition reduction might surprise those accustomed to the opposite, the decision reflects Marian University’s core values and mission. Since its founding in 1936, Marian has dedicated itself to providing an affordable, value-based education.

Marian University’s five core values inform everything the university does. These values encompass

  • Community
  • Learning
  • Service
  • Social Justice
  • Spiritual Traditions

In the context of program costs, that means a commitment to providing the lowest tuition rate in comparison to other private colleges and universities in Wisconsin. This commitment extends to Wisconsin students and out-of-state students who enroll in Marian University’s highly regarded on-campus and online nursing programs.

The school’s nursing education track record speaks for itself. Marian has become one of Wisconsin’s top producers of nursing and other healthcare graduates in fields like radiologic technologist and diagnostic medical sonographer.

“We’ve designed nursing programs that prepare graduates for the modern world of healthcare. In recent years, Marian has made investments in advanced technology that allow nursing students to apply conceptual learning to real-world scenarios,” said Nipcon. 

Tips to Make College Less Expensive

In addition to taking advantage of Marian University’s lower costs, college students looking to cut costs can consider some strategies to lower costs.

Enroll in online or hybrid courses. Students can immediately lower costs by enrolling in 100% online or hybrid degree programs, including housing and transportation costs. It also saves time by eliminating the hours spent driving to and from campus. Online courses are ideal for working nurses who can maintain their jobs while earning a degree.

Apply for federal aid. All students should take full advantage of federal financial aid. Students enrolled in online or hybrid programs receive the same consideration for financial aid as “traditional” students.

Maximize transfer credits. The more credits a student can transfer into the program, the less money and time required to complete their degree. Marian University has a generous transfer policy that includes credits earned in the University of Wisconsin System Schools and the Wisconsin Technical College System.

Seek tuition discounts. Students should always check if they qualify for a tuition discount because of their employer, association membership, or past education. For example, Marian University partners with healthcare systems, various associations, and technical and community colleges that offer tuition discounts to students attending Marian.