Inspired to succeed, Marian University’s TRiO/Student Support Services programs assist students with basic college requirements and motivate students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education. With the goal of increasing college retention and graduation rates of students of low-income, first-generation students or students with disabilities, students in the TRiO/SSS program receive assistance with academic advising, financial aid and one-on-one tutor opportunities, as well as numerous activities for social and academic advancement.


“Student Support Services is a community of support that serves and advocates for first-generation, low income, and students with disabilities to achieve their goals of graduation. We are dedicated in providing individualized academic coaching, financial literacy, tutoring, and personal guidance to foster lifelong learning and growth.”


  • First-Generation College Student (neither parent/guardian has Bachelor’s degree) and/or
  • Low Income (based on Federal Income Guidelines) and/or
  • Student with Disabilities (verification required)

TRiO/SSS provides the following services free to students selected to participate

Individualized Guidance – One-on-one assistance to help students make a smooth transition to college, develop goals and create an academic action plan.
Tutoring – Academic coaching, access to weekly tutoring appointments and assistance with reading and writing.
Academic coaching – To enhance the services of your academic advisor. Assistance navigating the systems of higher education and translating some of the lingo.
Workshops – Informational sessions offered on time management, note taking, living on your own, financing your education, tax preparation, resume writing and other life skills.
Financial Coaching – Participants receive assistance in applying for financial aid (FAFSA) and scholarships, and developing financial life skills including creating a budget, managing credit and debt, and understanding personal finances.
Career and Academic Guidance – Academic mentoring including career and educational planning, graduate school tours, career development assistance and resume building.
Resources – Access to computers, calculators, textbooks, reference materials and work space.
Scholarships & Grants – A variety of scholarships are available specifically for students in federal TRiO programs. Additionally, by being an active participant in the Marian TRiO-SSS Program you are eligible to apply for an SSS Grant.
Cultural Events – Free tickets to cultural events and trips that will broaden your horizons and enrich your life experiences.
Campus Connections – A place to feel connected with others and the Marian community. We are your family away from home.
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