Approximately 50 Marian students (out of 1,200) identify themselves with the international community. Current Marian students call the following countries home: Australia, Canada, Colombia, Curacao, France, Haiti, India, Latvia, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Rwanda, Sweden, Thailand, and more!

Jose Valencia


“There’s definitely no doubt it in my mind that Marian has become my home away from home. Everybody is a familiar face and name, which makes it easy to break into a sense of comfort and security. The sense of connection within the small community can’t be found in any other larger institution. It’s a unique experience that nobody should miss out on.”

– Jose Valencia (’16) / Philippines



“My favorite thing about Marian is that it is a small school where it feels more like a community. Faculty and staff can get to know students better which makes students who came from a different culture like me feel so much more comfortable. I have received many great opportunities that I would not have in other schools such as leadership positions, scholarships, awards, etc. I never regret coming to Marian and I would recommend this school to anyone!”

– Noppawan (Polly) Sirinoppakun (’15) / Thailand

“As an international student Marian University has been a very good fit for me. The welcoming campus feels like a small community. Everyone is very friendly and supportive at school. I recommend Marian to any future International students.”

– Brodie Jamieson (’17) / Canada



“Coming to Marian has been a great experience, not only with the hockey and school but as a whole. Back home in Stockholm they have great universities where I could get a great education, but in Sweden you are not connected with the university in the same way. Here it feels like you represent the program every day, both as an athlete and student, and that has really been the difference for me. Being a smaller school, Marian really gives me the opportunity to participate and learn compared to the bigger schools back home. Even if I could say that the number one reason why I came here was hockey, I still couldn’t be happier than were I am.”

– Alfie Johansson (’18) / Sweden

Delphine“Marian University is a small community that allowed me to make friends easily while at the same time feel proud of my international roots. I love the small class-size and one-on-one attention I get from all of my professors. It is an amazing way to learn while getting hands-on experience that makes me competitive in the job market. Marian University welcomes me as a local but encourages many opportunities for me to share my culture with others. It is an incredibly supportive community that makes me feel valued for my cultural differences.”

– Delphine Gras / Paris, France