Hi! My name is Karissa Preston and I am a senior nursing major. Choosing Marian University to continue my education has proven to be a great decision. It has allowed me to enter a prominent nursing program, stay close to my family while still gaining independence, and become part of a caring community which emphasizes core values that are directly aligned to my personal values. This would not have been possible without the many generous donors that have provided scholarships for students like me to attend Marian University.

Marian has been a great place to make connections and build relationships through engaging classes, student activities, organizations, athletics, and campus life in general. While taking challenging courses through the Honors program, I have benefited from the personalized learning opportunities available to me in this smaller university setting. By actively participating in Marian Student Nursing Association, I have attended the State Conference the past three years, served in leadership roles as a board member and have made life long connections in the nursing field. In addition, the supportive donors, cooperative faculty, and understanding coaches at Marian University have made it possible to continue my dreams of playing collegiate soccer while earning my degree.

Thank you to all of the donors that have allowed me to enjoy these wonderful opportunities while also concentrating on my education and reaching my fullest potential. I truly appreciate your generosity and hope to pay it forward through my career as a nurse.