Student Justin DavidsonHello, my name is Justin Davidson. I am a junior accounting major with a minor in theology, and am a member of the men’s ACHA hockey team here at Marian University. I am a second generation college student, so choosing the right college for me was an important decision. Attending Marian has given me the experience of a lifetime; meeting lifelong friends and having the opportunity to compete at the college level is a dream come true. I know I would not be here if it were not for the generous scholarship support, and I am truly grateful for the opportunities provided to me as a result.

With the men’s ACHA hockey team, all of our expenses are paid for and in a sport as expensive as hockey it is nice to know our gear and ice time is something we do not have to stress about. The facilities provided for us to train and recover from our weekend battles are extremely helpful. I am fortunate to attend a university which provides the proper care for student athletes. It is nice to know our health and success are important here at Marian and donors we may never meet help support us.

It is unbelievable when I think about how, without the help of scholarship donors, I would not be able to attend, compete, and experience all of the wonderful opportunities Marian has to offer. Your generosity is incredible, and I want to thank you for all that you have done for me.