Librarians are responsible, in consultation with faculty, for choosing material (i.e., print, audiovisual, electronic media, etc.). Faculty are encouraged to recommend items supporting their areas of the curriculum and/or research. To assist in selection, the library holds several standard review sources as well as the reviews contained in scholarly journals.

Choice of materials is a matter of academic freedom. In regard to censorship, the library follows the guidelines of the American Library Association as found in the following documents: The Library Bill of RightsIntellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries, and The Freedom to Read.


Purchase decisions must take into account the need to support and respond to:

  1. Liberal Arts and the General Studies core.
  2. Professional programs and their accreditation needs.
  3. New programs.
  4. Maintenance/growth of reference materials.
  5. Individual requests.

Items that are expected to have low usage will be obtained via interlibrary loan.

Gifts are accepted at the discretion of the library staff.