To borrow library materials, current Marian University students, faculty, staff and administrators must present a valid Marian University ID.

Patrons are responsible for materials checked out on their card and should report lost cards at the Circulation Desk. Should you lend your card to others, you will be responsible for materials they check out on your card.

Materials that may be checked out include:

  • Books – 28 days*
  • Reference materials – 7 days*
  • AV materials – 14 days*
  • Reserve materials determined by instructor**

* Faculty, staff and administrators may keep books for 15 weeks (ca. 1 semester) unless they are recalled. They may keep AV materials for 28 days with one renewal.

** Reserve materials are normally placed on a two-hour reserve period unless otherwise specified by the instructor.Other reserve periods are one, three and seven days.

Materials that must be used in the library include:

  • Periodicals* (Photocopier is available. Cost is 10 cents per page.)
  • Reserve materials (determined by instructor)

*Faculty, staff and administrators may check out periodicals from the library for a one-week period. Since periodicals represent the most current source of information in a topic or discipline, periodicals may not be renewed.

Renewal of books

  • Circulating books may be renewed up to two times unless another patron has placed a “Hold” or the book has been recalled.*
  • Books may be renewed at the Circulation Desk, online in SabreCat (click on “My Library Record”), or by calling the circulation department (920) 923-7641.  A patron barcode (found on the back of the Marian University ID or Cardinal Meyer Library card) is required for renewals.
  • AV materials may not be renewed.

* Faculty, staff and administrators may keep materials provided that they renew the materials when they come due and that they adhere to the hold and recall policies of the library.

Return of materials

  • All library materials should be returned to the book drop at the Circulation Desk on or before their due date.
  • Reserve materials should be returned to a library staff member for immediate check-in to avoid accrual of fines.

Hold/Recall Notices

A library patron may request that the circulation department place a hold on materials currently checked out by another patron.

  • Library staff will send a recall notice to the person who has checked out the material once that person has had possession of the book for 14 days.
  • The recall notice will ask that the material be returned within one week after receiving the notice.
    • Students who fail to return a recalled item will incur fines at the same rate as that for other overdue items.
    • Failure to return recalled items may result in revocation of borrowing privileges.
  • Upon return of the book, library staff will notify the patron requesting the book.The book will be held for one week.

Overdue materials

The library’s online system automatically generates overdue notices for materials not returned on time.

  • A courtesy notice is sent to the patron 4 days before the due date.
  • An overdue notice is sent to the patron the day after the due date.
  • If the material is not returned within 30 days, the library’s online system considers the material lost.
  • A second notice listing the fine, replacement cost and processing cost is sent.
  • Borrowing privileges are revoked until the materials are returned and/or fines are paid.  Note:  If materials are returned, the patron will owe only the fine.


  • Fines are 25 cents per item per day. The maximum fine is $6.00 per book.
  • There is a three-day grace period.
  • Patrons do not incur fines on days when the library is closed.
  • The library’s circulation department collects fines and fees. Cash, or checks made out to Cardinal Meyer Library, will be accepted.

Fines on reserve materials

Materials are placed on reserve because they are in demand— i.e. needed by many students to fulfill course requirements.Fines on reserve materials reflect the demand.

  • 1 cent per minute with a maximum fine of $16 per item for hourly checkouts.
  • $2 per day for one-, three- or seven-day checkouts with a maximum of $16 per item.

Note:  There is no grace period on reserve materials.  Reserve materials not returned within 14 days are considered lost and the patron will be invoiced for the fine, replacement cost and processing fee.

Fines on InterLibrary Loans

Fines/Fees will be charged for overdue books or for replacing lost books. The lending library may assess additional fines/fees which are the responsibility of the patron.

Other Circulation services

Fax service

  • Library Staff will fax materials for students at a cost of $1 per page.No self-service faxing is available for students.
  • Students may receive materials faxed to the following number at no charge: 920.923.7154.
  • Faculty and staff may fax their own materials using their department code.
  • Faxes not picked up in the library are placed in the appropriate mailbox.

Contact Information:
Phone: 920.923.7641
Fax: 920.923.7154