Marian University – ACT 30

What is ACT 30?

WI ACT 30 was signed into law in April 2021. It requires that every school district in Wisconsin incorporate the teaching of the Holocaust and other genocides into the social studies curriculum. ACT 30 requires that it be taught at least once in grades 5-8 and at least once in grades 9-12. Curriculum must be updated by July 1, 2022, to go into effect for the 2022-23 school year.

Implementing Act 30

This graduate level course (EDU 604) is an interdisciplinary study of the Holocaust and other genocides designed to help educators (grades 5-12) increase their understanding of these topics and employ relevant learning opportunities for their students. Topics include examination of historical and cultural contexts; use of survivor testimonies; incorporation of literature, art and music; and participation in virtual museums and resource collections. This course will offer understanding of Wisconsin’s ACT 30 and address ways to implement the mandate into the classroom. To earn credit, participants will complete 12 hours of learning.

Professor Biography

Sr. Cyndi Nienhaus, CSA, Ph.D. is professor emerita and has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in religious education. Her study of the Holocaust began when she was teaching middle school, and has taken her to Washington DC, Poland, and Israel. She has participated in numerous seminars for higher education faculty at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, and both writes and speaks on Holocaust-related topics.

Ultimate in Flexibility

Course will be offered in an asynchronous, 4-week flex format. Students should expect weekly lecture, discussion, and homework. Two opportunities are available for enrollment:

  • 3/14/22 – 4/8/22
  • 6/13/22 – 7/11/22

Class Outcomes

  • Curriculum development including special projects
  • Thorough understanding of ACT 30
  • Teaching that includes years of studying the Holocaust and learning from survivors