Student Senate

The Student Senate strives to empower students to develop their strengths and improve their community.

Each class is represented by a Senator in the Student Senate. Meetings are held every other week and are open to all students. The Student Senate office is located in the Hornung Student Center and the Student Senate can be reached via email at:

Student Contact:

Organization Description:

As your representative body, Student Senate believes in making fair and passionate decisions that foster positive social change on campus. We want to ensure that your experience at Marian University is uplifting and inspiring.

Why should people join this organization?

Student Senate needs your voice and support in order to transform the campus into a community of better learners and leaders. Leadership positions open to students are Senators, and Executive Board positions. You are free to attend the assembly meeting, even if you are not a senator or on the Executive Board, every voice matters!

Who can join?

All full-time undergraduate students have a voice in Student Senate! Whether your a first-year or six-year, your opinions and leadership are valued!

Where can you find more information?

Further information about this year’s Student Senate can be found on the Marian University Student Senate Facebook Page.


Paul Krikau,
Kelsey Beine


Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association is the student governance organization that represents and serves the needs of on-campus residents. RHA members assist the Department of Residence Life with programs and help create a positive on-campus community.


Courtney Ebben

Model UN


Garry Moise