Alpha Xi Delta

Alpha Xi Delta, a national Panhellenic sorority, helps women realize their potential. Alpha Xi Delta was established as a chapter at Marian University in November 1995. The Theta Tau chapter, originally known as the local sorority Alpha Sigma Delta, has been active on campus since the winter of 1993. Alpha Xi Delta offers unique opportunities for personal development through participation in local and national activities. The sisters of the Theta Tau chapter have close bonds and enjoy a lifelong sisterhood. Alpha Xi Delta’s national philanthropy is Autism Speaks and the chapter is actively involved in the Fond du Lac community. Alpha Xi Delta participates at the Ronald McDonald House and the Boys and Girls Club.

Organization Description

Alpha Xi Delta is a sorority that inspires women to realize their potential by providing opportunities for sisterhood, leadership, knowledge and service. We have been at Marian University for 20 years and want to continue to grow our sisterhood and help wonderful new women join our organization.

Who can join?

Any undergraduate female student is welcome to participate in our recruitment events throughout the school year to gain membership. We also pay semester dues and have a GPA requirement of 2.5.

Beta Organization

We strive to help others of color succeed while giving a loving and healthy brotherhood/sisterhood.

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union is an organization that unifies all students, especially students of an African Descent through cultural, informational, and political events. We seek to empower, educate, and provide a voice for everyone on the campus. We work to provide a social and cultural outlet for its members and take an active part in the community and university.

Org Contact

Major Events

Black History Month, Movie Night, Bowling, Volunteer at Homeless Shelter, Winter Drive etc.


Everyone is allowed to join and come be a part of the organization.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is aimed at providing a well-rounded spiritual and/or religious experience for all members of Marian University by involving everyone in various campus and community activities throughout the school year.


Edie Crews, Campus Minister

Circle K

Circle K is an international service organization that is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Fabulous Fond du Lac. Their mission is to develop college and university students into a global network of responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service and lives out their motto of “Live to Serve, Love to Serve” on campus and within the community.

Membership is open to all Marian University undergraduate students.

Diversity Club

The purpose of the Diversity Club is to grow a culture of inclusivity regardless of status.

Membership is open to all students.

E-Sports Club

We compete against other college and university e-sports leagues. In addition, we bring the Marian student community together through campus video game events and competitions.

  • Super Smash Brothers tournaments
  • Just Dance
  • League of Legends Nights

Why join? Learn to play with a team competitively through strategy and communication or build new friendships through E-sports events and competitions.

Who can join? Any Marian student can join.

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports are a great way to play a variety of sports without the pressures and commitments of being a member of a varsity team. Intramurals are a great way to stay active, meet new friends, and a good way to relieve the stress of coursework.  Marian offers a wide variety of intramural sports throughout the year and can vary from year to year depending on interest.  Some offered in the past include:

  • Men’s Flag football
  • Women’s flag football
  • Co-ed sand volleyball
  • Indoor co-ed volleyball
  • Co-ed soccer
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Kickball
  • Golf
  • Dodgeball
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Soccer Golf

Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon is a nationwide non-profit organization, that brings awareness to Childhood cancer. Love Your Melon is organization that brings college students from all over the US together, because they all have one goal and that is to help bring awareness and give support to kids battling cancer.


Everyone is welcomed to join! Freshman-Seniors!

Outdoor Adventure Club

The Outdoor Adventure Club will have regular outdoor activities, promote interest in the outdoor activities, and seek to leave little environmental impact.

Why join? People should join the OAC if they have a love for the outdoors. In college, a lot of our time is spent sitting down in classes and behind laptops. This is for students who want a break and a little bit of fresh air.

Who can join? Anybody can join. Some events are more rigorous but we will work to accommodate people of all fitness levels and abilities.

Sabre Voice

The Sabre Voice Online Newspaper Staff consists of current Marian University students. Many of the Staff Writers are students who volunteered to write and publish for the newspaper in a weekly manner. The staff consists of students with different majors and is open and welcome to students interested in writing for this publication.

Students gain experience working on the publication of a newspaper and gaining writing experience in news writing and reporting, feature writing, sports writing and reporting, layout and design, photojournalism, advertising sales, and management. In addition, the students meet weekly to brainstorm, organize, and publish articles, creating a system that requires teamwork and responsibility.

The Sabre Voice Leadership Team consist of students who can transition into a leadership capacity while earning credits and valuable professional experience.

For more information about the Sabre Voice, to obtain advertising opportunity information, or to inquire how to join the staff, please contact the Sabre Voice staff at

Side B

We are a caring Christian community looking to share the Gospel with those who are curious, God-loving, or looking to know more about Jesus Christ. The purpose of this organization is to make the love of Christ available to everyone on campus. This will usually be done through a Bible Study or group event.


Side B is an inclusive organization that welcomes all Marian University students who also have inclusivity at heart.


Marian’s Student LGBTQA Organization

SPECTRUM provides the campus with opportunities to explore the lives and viewpoints of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.  SPECTRUM hosts events supporting awareness and acceptance, dedicated to adding a new aspect of diversity to Marian University and the community in which it resides.  SPECTRUM seeks to educate as well as provide

Major Events

Opportunities for discussion & dialogue related to our Mission:  Academic Symposium Events & Panels National Coming Out Day & Ally Week Ask Me Anything Panels Events commemorating Trans Day of Remembrance & Trans Day of Visibility Opportunities for fellowship & fun: The popular Masquerade Ball Club events like movie nights & bowling Club meetings & discussions.


SPECTRUM is open to all!

Student Association of Smiles and Happiness (SASH)

This is an organization for building one’s happiness on and off campus.

Major Events

Highway cleanup, World Smile Day, International Day of Happiness, and Game and Movie Nights


Any Marian University student who wishes to join can be a part of this organization.

Why join? Because our organization helps brings smiles to people’s faces

Student Senate

The Student Senate strives to empower students to develop their strengths and improve their community.

Each class is represented by a Senator in the Student Senate. Meetings are held every other week and are open to all students. The Student Senate office is located in the Hornung Student Center and the Student Senate can be reached via email at:

Student Contact:

Organization Description:

As your representative body, Student Senate believes in making fair and passionate decisions that foster positive social change on campus. We want to ensure that your experience at Marian University is uplifting and inspiring.

Why should people join this organization?

Student Senate needs your voice and support in order to transform the campus into a community of better learners and leaders. Leadership positions open to students are Senators, and Executive Board positions. You are free to attend the assembly meeting, even if you are not a senator or on the Executive Board, every voice matters!

Who can join?

All full-time undergraduate students have a voice in Student Senate! Whether you are a first-year or six-year, your opinions and leadership are valued!

Where can you find more information?

Further information about this year’s Student Senate can be found on the Marian University Student Senate Facebook Page.

Students United Against Violence Everywhere (SUAVE)

This organization brings awareness to all sorts of issues people may face in life. We do not want to see people struggle alone, we want to be an advocate for them and make everyone aware of real life issues.  We created “#SabresLetsTalk” for mental health awareness, we also dedicated a week to sexual assault awareness and we work to bring awareness to domestic violence, bullying, eating disorders, and many more issues.


Any and all current students have the opportunity to be a part of “SUAVE.”  

Student Veteran’s Organization (SVO)

The Student Veteran’s Organization (SVO) is open to student veterans, current service members and families seeking higher education. SVO strives to assist students in their transition from the military to college life.