Art Club

Art Club is open to all students and is focused on creative expression and fun. Meetings are held weekly and always include a variety of art activities.

Business Club

The Business Club is open to all students and is of particular interest to students with a major or minor in accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, or sport and recreation management. The club’s mission is to bring in leaders to educate students in business practices. This provides members with a fun learning experience outside of the classroom. The Business Club provides speakers on campus, field trips, student activities, and fund raisers throughout the academic year to help students learn more about the field of business.

Criminal Justice Club

The Criminal Justice Club (CJ Club) is devoted to the furtherance of professionalism in the field of criminal justice. This organization is open to all members of the Marian University community; it is not limited to criminal justice majors. The CJ Club strives to educate through training activities and networking opportunities that assist in résumé building. The CJ Club is active in the Marian community, as well as Fond du Lac and surrounding areas, where they volunteer and participate in various activities.

Environmental Club

The Environmental Club serves the Marian community through a variety of volunteer work, fosters an atmosphere for learning about environmental issues and promotes social justice by restoring and protecting the environment. All students are welcome to join and participate in activities that are both fun and rewarding.

Forensic Science Association

Marian University’s Forensic Science Association is an organized group of students who have an interest in the various forensic disciplines. Membership is open to all students – not just forensic science majors. The purpose of the Forensic Science Association is to advance the field of forensic science, develop a greater sense of community, promote understanding, and stimulate academic achievement and excellence.

The association strives to inform members of current issues in the field as well as provide information and inspiration for members to pursue forensic related activities. Members are inspired to serve the community through participation in specialized charitable community service events that educate children and the general public about the field of forensic science.

To learn more about Marian’s Forensic Science Association, visit our page on Facebook:

Communication Association

The Marian Communication Association (MCA) is a constituent of the National Communication Association (NCA), and is open to students of all majors. The organization recognizes and supports all aspects of communication: journalism, organizational communication, public/professional communication and public relations. The ultimate goal of MCA is to provide its members with fun experiences, new friends and plenty of hands-on experience in the corporate sector of communication. Activities include bi-monthly meetings, various guest speakers, community and college service projects, fundraising, field trips and attendance at the annual NCA conference.

Marian Student Education Association

All education majors are encouraged to join MSEA. Affiliated with national, state, and local education associations, MSEA provides interaction with educational programs and provides many opportunities to work with children and come to understand the education system. The goals of MSEA are: (1) to influence the conditions under which prospective teachers are prepared, thus promoting maximum professional competence; (2) to examine the present and future conditions that confront students preparing to teach; (3) to develop an understanding and appreciation for the education profession; (4) to stimulate the highest ideals of professional ethics, standards, attitudes, and training; and (5) to provide a national, state, and local voice in education for students enrolled in educational programs. Professional activities include conferences and workshops, speakers, tutoring opportunities and participation in observing American Education Week.

Student Contact: Abbey Chisnell, President

Meeting Times: TBD for Fall 2016

Major Events/Activities: We host the Scholastic Book Fair at Marian twice a year, we help organize and run Dr. Seuss Day with the Fond du Lac Public Library, we have “panels” of teachers/administrators during meetings to talk to us about their experiences, and we get involved with lots of volunteer activities!

Who can join? Anyone who has an interest in bettering the future of students! Any type of education major – special ed, early childhood, elementary, middle, or secondary education students are welcome, but if you aren’t an education student and still want to get involved with working with students, feel free to join us!

Why join? We bring snacks to every meeting! We are all students who are working on becoming the best teachers that we can be, and being in MSEA is just one more way to get involved in the education system, get involved with people in the community, and talk with other people who are more experienced or on the same journey towards becoming a teacher.

Advisor: Bob Wagner –

Student Nurses Association

The Marian University Student Nurses Association is a local constituent of the Wisconsin Student Nurses Association and the National Student Nurses Association. The goals of MUSNA are: (1) to explore and develop a greater understanding of the nursing profession, (2) to promote personal and professional development of nursing students, and (3) to provide service to others in the Marian and surrounding communities. Activities include monthly meetings with various guest speakers relating to health care professions, community and University service projects, fundraising, and attending student nurse conventions on the state and national levels.

Student Contact:

Katrina Costello

Organization Description:

Marian University’s Student Nurses Association, MUSNA, is an organization of nursing students that get together and discuss different levels of nursing, ways to get involved within the nursing community, and have a guest speakers at nearly every meeting. Our members’ goals include offering support to all nursing students and educating them on the many opportunities that are presented once becoming a nurse. Becoming part of MUSNA will allow you many opportunities to network with health care agencies, nurses working in the field, and other nursing students.

Meeting Times:


What are some of your org’s major events and activities?

MUSNA participates in many community service opportunities, the Wisconsin Student Nurses Association annual convention, and Presents for Peds.

Why should people join this organization?

MUSNA is a great way to collaborate with other nursing students. This organization gives you the opportunity to network, ask questions, and get involved.   

Who can join?

Any student that is enrolled or will be enrolled into the nursing program can join MUSNA. Requirements of MUSNA include a $10 annual fee, or $6 a semester, 4 hours of community service each semester, and attending half of the meetings.


Nancy Noble Email:

Karen Roberts Email:

Pre-Health Professionals Club

The Pre-Health Professionals Club is intended for those students interested in post baccalaureate schooling in the healthcare fields, such as dentistry, medicine, physical therapy and veterinarian medicine. The purpose of this organization is to assist pre-health students by developing skills and knowledge in their fields of interest. This is done through inviting guest speakers to campus; sponsoring webinars; organizing trips to visit schools; providing information on admissions tests, admissions requirements, pre-requisites, personal statements; arranging community service events; and any other endeavor necessitated by the members of the club.

Psychology Club

Psychology Club is an informal gathering of free thinkers who discuss everything from music lyrics and movies to the nature of existence, all while having a great time! Members are involved in campus and community activities related to the field of psychology. Psychology Club is open to anyone with an interest in psychology.

Science and Math Association

The Science and Math Association (SMA) is open to all students. SMA was the recipient of the President’s Cup Award for Most Outstanding Student Organization in both 2008 and 2009. SMA provides a positive and welcoming attitude, enthusiasm for Marian and on-campus activities and desire to better its community. Annual events include Road America’s Run/Walk for the American Cancer Society, Highway Cleanup, SMSA Science Day, Pi Day and Mole Day Bake Sales and Freezin’ for a Reason at Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Wisconsin.

Society for Human Resource Management

The Fond du Lac Area Student Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) chapter is open to all students, but is directed toward students with a major in management or human resource management. Advantages of joining the student chapter of SHRM include professional resources and development, publications, research information, scholarships, networking with HR professionals, keeping updated on current legal changes in the profession, résumé builder, mentorship programs, professional dinners, community service opportunities and conferences. The chapter is sponsored by the Fond du Lac Area Human Resource Association and hosted by the School of Business.

Sport and Recreation Management Club

The purpose of this organization is to increase the opportunities for sport and recreation management majors and minors. This is done by raising funds to attend conferences, touring athletic facilities and hosting guest speakers. The Sport and Recreation Management Club strives to create pride within the Marian community at athletic events.

Student Social Work Association

The Student Social Work Association was organized to afford students a forum in which they (1) exercise their right to organize and discuss their own interests concerning academic and student life within the social work program, (2) participate in the formulation of policy affecting academic and student life with the program, (3) enhance social justice through promotion of people helping people on campus and in the community and (4) provide mutual support for one another.

Secretary Contact Info:

The SSWA will try to respond to E-Mails within a 24 hour period.

Meeting Times:

Meeting Date: The first Thursday of every month. Time: 12:15pm. Location: TBD

What are some of your org’s major events and activities?

SSWA holds a variety of events and fundraisers that help support positive social change. Events range from sponsored speakers by local and national organizations to student body focused community building.

Why should people join this organization?

SSWA provides many opportunities for students of the Social Work major, which include: helping others, making friends, creating connections, achieving personal growth, and forming knowledge of different aspects of social workers. Our main goal is to help others, whether they are oppressed individuals or of equal or higher standing than ourselves. Making friends with one another in the association and within the major is one of the unintended yet positive outcomes of being involved in the SSWA. Creating connections within the social work major, the university, and the community is a valuable quality and is very encouraging for the students’ future, which goes hand in hand with achieving personal and future career growth. We work with the community and with other students to promote social justice and lend a helping hand, teaching members different aspects of the social work major and how the social work values are implied in the community.

Who can join?

All students are welcome to join SSWA.


Quinn Sullivan. Advisor email: