Marian University is guided by our core values and the human dignity statement.  These words inform how we expect our student community to behave and learn and grow while on our campus and beyond.

The Marian community strives to uphold the dignity of every person and to confront challenges to that dignity. The University does not tolerate inappropriate use of power or authority by its members, nor does the University condone any other violation of human dignity. Marian University addresses violations of human dignity through the codes and processes listed in this handbook.

These behavioral codes, as listed in here and in the Student Handbook, govern the conduct of members of the University community. Rules emphasizing the importance of human dignity and practices that promote appropriate respect for individuality and basic human rights are intended to encourage the Marian University community to incorporate such values into interactions with all persons, whether members of the Marian community or the larger society.

The full Student Handbook with the entire code of conduct and process for investigating and responding to potential code violations can be found here.