Abuse of Conduct Process. Abuse or interference with, or failure to comply in, University processes including actions or behaviors including, but not limited to:

  1. Harassment (verbal or physical) and/or intimidation of a member of a campus conduct body prior to, during, and/or following a campus conduct proceeding;
  2. Attempting to discourage an individual’s proper participation in, or use of, the campus conduct system;
  3. Influencing, or attempting to influence, another person to commit an abuse of the campus conduct system.

Collusion. Action or inaction with another or others to violate the Code of Student Conduct.

Election Tampering. Tampering with the election of any Marian recognized student organization (minor election code violations are addressed by the Student Senate).

Failure to Comply. Failure to comply with the reasonable directives of University officials or law enforcement officers during the performance of their duties and/or failure to identify oneself to these persons when requested to do so.

  1. Failure to comply with the sanction(s) imposed by the campus conduct system;
  2. Failure to provide, destroying or concealing information during an investigation of an alleged policy violation;
  3. Falsification, distortion, or misrepresentation of information.

Falsification. Knowingly furnishing or possessing false, falsified or forged materials, documents, accounts, records, identification or financial instruments.

Financial Responsibilities. Failure to promptly meet financial responsibilities to the institution, including, but not limited to; knowingly passing a worthless check or money order in payment to the institution or to an official of the institution acting in an official capacity.

Gambling. Gambling as prohibited by the laws of the State of Wisconsin. Gambling may include raffles, lotteries, sports pools and online betting activities.

Ineligible Pledging or Association. Pledging or associating with a student organization without having met eligibility requirements established by the University.

IT and Acceptable Use. Violating the University Acceptable Use and Computing Policy, found online: at: https://my.marianuniversity.edu/OfficesAndServices/IT/SitePages/Acceptable%20Use%20Policy.aspx

Stolen Property. Knowingly taking or maintaining possession of stolen property.

Taking of Property. Intentional and unauthorized taking of University property or the personal property of another, including goods, services and other valuables.

Trademark. Unauthorized use (including misuse) of Marian or organizational names and images.

Trust. Violations of positions of trust within the community.

Unauthorized Access. Unauthorized access to any Marian building (i.e. keys, cards, etc.) or unauthorized possession, duplication or use of means of access to any Marian building or failing to timely report a lost Marian University identification card or key.