Alcohol. Use, possession, or distribution of alcoholic beverages or paraphernalia except as expressly permitted by law and the University’s Alcohol Policy.

  1. Individuals prohibited from the consumption or possession of alcohol, as defined by Wisconsin law, cannot consume or possess alcohol while at Marian University or University-sponsored events. This restriction also applies to the individuals’ guests, regardless of age, as it pertains to the presence of alcohol in the residence facilities;
  2. Individuals who are under the age of 21 in the presence of alcohol will be considered in violation of the Marian University Alcohol Policy, which may include a violation of the Bystanding Policy;
  3. Individuals, parents, and/or members of organizations who are 21 or older must refrain from sharing, giving, purchasing, serving, or encouraging the consumption of alcohol by anyone less than 21 years of age. Students or employees who violate this policy will be subject to the University’s disciplinary proceedings and/or civil proceedings. Please be advised, parents or legal guardians who provide alcohol to students on campus are doing so without the permission of the institution and are therefore violating the law.  Further, the student accepting the alcohol is not exempt from the alcohol policy and any consequences of violating it;
  4. Individuals who provide alcohol or participate in functions where alcohol is served are responsible for the safety and welfare of their University peers and/or guests who are consuming alcohol;
  5. Social events where alcohol is served must be served by a contracted, professional bartender;
  6. Inappropriate behavior resulting from the consumption of alcohol (i.e. public intoxication) will result in disciplinary action against the students and/or organization;
  7. Creating, offering, or engaging in drinking games or other behaviors designed for the purpose of rapid and/or excessive consumption of alcohol is prohibited. At no time should activities that encourage excessive drinking or lead to the endangerment of the individuals take place in the residence facilities or on University property;
  8. Kegs or similar containers of alcohol (including beer bongs, coolers, Rubbermaid containers, and other large volume containers) are not permitted on campus at any time unless approved by the Dean of Students;
  9. Bars or any bar-type structures are not permitted in any residence facility.
  10. Open containers of alcohol (including, but not limited to: bottle, can, cup, case, or box) in publicly shared areas (the grounds, hallways, study lounges, classrooms, etc.) are strictly prohibited.

Animals. Animals, with the exception of animals that provide assistance (e.g. seeing-eye dogs), and comfort animals as outlined in the Residence Life contractual policies, are not permitted on campus except as permitted by law.

Damage and Destruction. Intentional, reckless and/or unauthorized damage to or destruction of Marian property or the personal property of another.

Disruptive Behavior. Substantial disruption of University operations including obstruction of teaching, research, administration, other University activities, and/or other authorized non-University activities which occur on campus.

False Imprisonment: The detaining of a person without the person’s consent and/or against the person’s will to leave is prohibited. Therefore, false imprisonment can apply to any act in which a person intentionally restricts another person’s freedom to move or to leave without consent. This can occur on or off campus, in a building, on the streets, in a vehicle, or any other place, in which a person is restrained, against their will, from moving, whether physically, by threat, or intimidation. This can also include but is not limited to, removing that person’s means of leaving (e.g. taking and/or holding someone’s keys, wallet, phone, or other means that would provide that individual with the means to leave the vicinity).

Note:   This policy applies to restricting a person from leaving a resident hall room and/or failing to leave a resident’s room when requested to do so.  However, this policy does not apply to authorized personnel acting within the scope of their responsibilities (e.g. Campus Safety Officers, Resident Hall Staff).

Fire Safety. Violation of local, state, federal or campus fire policies including, but not limited to:

  1. Intentionally or recklessly causing a fire which damages University or personal property or which causes injury;
  2. Failure to evacuate a University-controlled building during a fire alarm;
  3. Improper use of University fire safety equipment; or
  4. Tampering with or improperly engaging a fire alarm or fire detection/control equipment while on University property. Such action may result in a local fine in addition to University sanctions.

Harm to Persons. Intentionally or recklessly causing physical harm or endangering the health or safety of any person.

Health and Safety.  Creation of health and/or safety hazards (dangerous pranks, hanging out of or climbing from/on/in windows, balconies, roofs, etc.)

Illegal Drugs. Use, possession or distribution of illegal drugs and other controlled substances or drug paraphernalia except as expressly permitted by law and the University’s Drug Policy.

  1. The illegal possession of drugs or identified paraphernalia, in accordance with state and federal laws, is strictly prohibited;
  2. University personnel descriptions of a student whose self or clothing carries a distinct odor of a drug (i.e. marijuana) may be considered evidence
  3. Violations of this policy will be reported to law enforcement officials and/or be handled through the Student Conduct Process; and
  4. Prescription Medications. Abuse, misuse, sale, or distribution of prescription or over-the-counter medications is prohibited. Any prescription drug not found in its original container with the individual’s name is strictly prohibited.

Rioting. Causing, inciting or participating in any disturbance that presents a clear and present danger to self or others, causes physical harm to others, or damage and/or destruction of property.

Tobacco or Vapor Use. Smoking or tobacco use or use of vaping devices in any area of campus other than on perimeter sidewalks is prohibited.

Unauthorized Entry. Misuse of access privileges to University premises or unauthorized entry to or use of buildings, including trespassing, propping or unauthorized use of alarmed doors for entry into or exit from a University building.

Weapons. Possession, use, or distribution of explosives (including fireworks and ammunition), guns (including air, BB, paintball, facsimile weapons and pellet guns), or other weapons or dangerous objects such as arrows, axes, machetes, nun chucks, throwing stars, or knives with a blade of longer than 5 inches, is prohibited on campus unless it falls within the category of a weapon in a vehicle parked on University property.  In those cases, the weapon must remain in the locked trunk of a vehicle while in the parking lot of the campus.

Wheeled Devices. Skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, bicycles and similar wheeled devices are not permitted inside University buildings, including residence halls. Additionally, skateboards and other wheeled items may not be ridden on railings, curbs, benches, or any such fixtures that may be damaged by these activities, and individuals may be liable for damage to University property caused by these activities.