Honors Program

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At the heart of Marian University Honors Program is the exciting selection of classes – inspired by a stimulating curriculum and interesting activities. Honors Scholars who have recently graduated have remarked that their primary reasons for being a part of this program was the opportunity to take innovative and unique courses from highly engaged faculty. In this way, students can enrich their education and complete the Honors Program with no additional course credits and no extra expenses.  Follow us on Twitter @MarianWI_Honors

Most students who qualify for this program have been awarded the prestigious Academic Achievement Award or the Sr. Mary Mollison Award.

How you will be supported in the Honors Program:

  • Participate in honors-only curriculum in place of general education (eighteen credits) throughout your undergraduate experience. Interdisciplinary courses and special topics Honors Program courses can be substituted for required classes – enabling you to graduate on time as an Honors Scholar with your desired major, with no extra expense. During registration, your academic advisor will work with you to ensure you are scheduled for honors curriculum.

  • In cooperation with a faculty member, you will complete a substantial senior capstone project within your major program of study.

  • Co-curricular activities are sponsored every semester. Out-of-town trips, lectures, and performances are designed to deepen and broaden students’ overall educational experiences at Marian and, of course, to have fun! All expenses paid.

  • Receive one-on-one advising and mentoring by the Program Director, Dr. Michael Garvey.

Honors Courses

Examples of course offerings (this list is not limited to what’s listed):

  • Questions of Culture: Our Americas
  • Being Human: Perspectives from Biology and Literature
  • Model United Nations I
  • Violence, Trauma, and Resilience
  • Introduction to Horror Cinema
  • Transcultural Nursing
  • Intro to Drama
  • Buddhism and the Mind
  • International Business
  • Philosophy of Food
  • Are We Happy Yet? The History and Philosophy of Utopia and Dystopias
  • World Religions
  • To Be a Woman in Latin America
  • Advanced Nursing of Adults
  • Intro to Photography
  • Advanced Creative Writing Seminar
  • World Civilizations II/Intro to Sociology

Honors Director

Dr. Michael Garvey, Assistant Professor