Inspired to enrich the learning process, Marian University’s School of Education is guided by the belief that learning is a lifelong process. The School of Education strives to live out the mission of engaging its students in the continuous development of the dimensions of each theme within ourselves, our candidates and members of the larger community.


Committed to the mission of the School of Education and Marian University, the undergraduate Teacher Education program is dedicated to the holistic development of each individual. Students are perceived as active participants in their development as they are guided by the faculty to achieve academic and professional excellence as future teachers.  Students in the School of Education program develop an awareness of the unique developmental characteristics of children and the ability to guide learning through age-appropriate curriculum and teaching methods, all while receiving hands-on experience in the classroom.


Inspired by the future of education and the success of every student, the graduate programs in the School of Education offer an experience that reflects the University’s broader mission of developing the whole person. The School of Education programs combine a nontraditional instructional format with an off-site and online delivery system designed to meet the needs of the adult learner. Students in the program will focus on individualized, personal and professional development through carefully sequenced courses and experiences.