Master of Science in Public Safety Management – Online

Learn how to lead mindfully and connect communities within today’s contemporary public safety industry.

Be prepared to lead with confidence. Marian’s Master of Science in Public Safety Management is an advanced degree designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge for contemporary executive leadership in public safety. Professionals in police departments, fire departments, federal government bureaus, wildlife protection agencies, military, and more will be prepared for advanced opportunities.

For more than 80 years, Marian University has been educating professionals and future leaders. We help students connect the needs of the community with those of the public-safety sector in order to raise the quality of life for all.

As a Marian public safety master’s student you’ll benefit from:

  • Convenient, 100% online format
  • Rigorous curriculum designed by leaders in the industry
  • Hands-on competency-based learning experiences

The Master of Science in Public Safety Management provides the foundation for current and future leaders to succeed in a joint community effort to raise standards and improve problem-solving in relation to contemporary issues in public safety.

Apply today. Law enforcement professionals save 10% on tuition!

The Program

The MS in Public Safety Management empowers leaders in public safety with the knowledge and tools to succeed in mindful leadership within their communities. The hands-on curriculum combined with online convenience allows current professionals to advance their career and perform their jobs more effectively with a high-quality, convenient program.  

Capstone Project

The capstone project is designed to give students the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in real-world situations. It consists of a research-based project that allows students to look at an existing agency or simulated agency problem and identify areas of potential development and enhanced performance.  Students may present findings and recommendations for quality improvement.

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MPath Online Program Schedule: Flexible Program

The MS in Public Safety Management is one of the Marian University MPath graduate programs offered in a flexible program format. Students in flexible program degree paths experience a unique online learning platform. Students can move forward on a clearly laid out path that helps them meet their individual and professional goals. Courses are offered in 4-week blocks with 12 start dates per year. Track your success with clear and measurable competencies and engage in an online network of faculty and peers who will be the foundation of your professional network in years to come.  

Law Enforcement Professionals Save 10% on Tuition!

Professionals working in law enforcement are eligible for a 10% tuition discount for all courses in this degree program.  As this is a 100% online program, students may live anywhere.  Those working in city, state, or federal positions are encouraged to apply today!

  • New applicants only
  • Must be degree seeking
  • May study full- or part-time
  • Must be able to show proof of profession

Ndiva Malafa

“The online Master of Science in Public Safety Management program has prepared me for future leadership within my organization and life. Equipped with invaluable educational tools and practical knowledge, I now have the confidence to synthesize previously obscure information. The program offers insight into the inner workings of my law enforcement agency. By providing context and reasoning behind contemporary policing methods, strategies, and theories, I better understand the present challenges facing my profession. By better understanding these challenges, I will be able to better address internal and external concerns that arise in the future.”

Ndiva Malafa2019 & 2021 Marian Graduate & Marian Adjunct Professor | Milwaukee Police Department, Police Officer

Master of Science in Public Safety Management Curriculum

The 31 credit master’s degree involves rigorous study and proven mastery of skills contemporary to public safety professionals such as advanced communication, human resource considerations, professional leadership and management practices, as well as research, budgeting, accounting, statistics, and employee wellness.

Academic Bulletin

Core Courses

Public Safety Management graduate students will take courses covering topics such as:

  • Public Safety Law and Ethics
  • Leadership Theory
  • Community Collaboration
  • Public Safety Culture
  • Survey and Assessment

Upon successful completion of this master’s program, the learner will be able to synthesize elements of practice in policing that include community collaboration, civilian governance, co-production policing, procedural justice, implicit bias and bias-based policing responses, as well as management of challenges within the police culture/sub-culture. Such synthesis will enable the learner to perform more effectively as a mindful servant to the community, a police agency and its members.