Your Personal Path to Success

Marian University’s MPath Flexible Program online learning platform is a truly unique way to advance your education and career as a modern adult learner. This is your personal path to success. The Flexible Program empowers students to move forward on a clear path ahead, understanding that today’s professionals need an educational platform that meets their individual needs.

Your Education, Your Time, Your Way

MPath’s Flexible Program, with 4-week courses, is truly built for your personal success. Marian recognized that today’s adult learners need online degree programs that are tailored for their lives, time, learning style, and professional and educational experience. As a result, our online Flexible Program offers you:

  • A clear path on which you can efficiently move toward your goals based on your custom completion plan.
  • The ability to visually track your personal progress with clear and measurable competencies.
  • Engaging learning experiences based on your needs.
  • Individualized online communication with faculty and peers, helping you build your professional network.
  • Flexible point of entry with twelve start dates every year.
  • Robust faculty engagement, guidance, individualized instruction, guided field experiences and more.

Take the first step on your path ahead. Learn more about MPath Flexible Program Online.

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    Why Choose MPath Flexible Program?

    Learn at Your Own Pace
    Twelve start dates per year and flexible online class schedules allow you to learn and study on your own time, empowering you to master new skills at your own pace.
    Leverage What You know

    Marian understands that you bring career and educational knowledge with you. Devote more time to course content that is new to you and rely on individualized attention and feedback from your professors to grasp concepts.

    Ultimate in Flexibility

    With more than 30 courses starting every 4 weeks, adult learners choose the number of credits to take at a time. Fitting school into your life is the ultimate in flexibility.

    Online Flexible Program Options

    Explore Marian’s Flexible Program options. We’re ready to help you meet your educational goals and reach your full potential through flexible programs that will confidently prepare you for the career you are reaching for. Check back to see what Marian has to offer as we continue to add exciting new programs to our MPath Flexible Program online platform.

    Flexible Program Policies

    Student Financial Responsibility Agreement

    Marian University requires all students to sign a Student Financial Responsibility Agreement.  This agreement can be found at under the heading “Offices” and then “Business and Finance.”  We require students to complete this agreement only once.  It will remain in full effect for any and all periods of a student’s enrollment.  This applies for any and all programs in which the student enrolls at Marian University, regardless of whether or not those periods of enrollment or programs run concurrently.

    All students are required to read, print out, and sign this agreement.  The signed form must be returned to the Office of Business and Finance located in Duplex 18 across from Dorcas Chapel on National Avenue or by mail to:

    Marian University

    Attn: Business Office

    45 S. National Avenue

    Fond du Lac, WI  54935

    *Students are required to pay their accounts in full before registering for the next semester courses.

    Graduate Studies Tuition

    All tuition and fees are set by the University’s Board of Trustees on an annual basis. The Office of Business and Finance publishes an annual brochure detailing specific tuition and fee information, which can be obtained from the Office of Business and Finance or the Office of Adult and Graduate Admission.

    Based on the student’s selected program, the following rates are charged per credit:

    Graduate Studies:

    Graduate Business:                             $600
    Other Graduate Programs:                $600

    Students must pay their balance in full by the first day of class. Failure to do so may result in being dropped from classes.

    IMPORTANT: Administrative, clerical, or technical billing errors do not absolve you of your financial responsibility to pay the correct amount of tuition, fees, room and board, and other associated financial obligations due as a result of your registration at Marian University. Students must review their billing statements and contact the Office of Business and Finance should they feel there is any discrepancy.

    Accepted Payment Methods

    1.     Mail a payment:

    Mail a personal check, cashier’s check, or money order to:

    Marian University

    Attention Business Office

    45 S. National Ave.

    Fond du Lac, WI 54935

    *Please make sure the student’s name and University ID number are listed on the check. Checks can be made payable to Marian University. Checks drawn on banks outside of the U.S. are not accepted.  Please allow enough time for postal delivery services. Please see #4 for international payments.

    2.     In-person payment:

    Payments may be dropped off in the Office of Business and Finance, 18 S. National Ave., 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. We will accept cash, credit or debit card (2.75% processing fee applies), personal check, cashier’s check, or money order.

    3.     Debit/Credit Card Payment and E-Check (Bank Account Withdrawal):

    Visit  Log into your account using your Marian credentials. (Be certain that you are selecting the correct year/term in which your payment is to be applied.)

    Credit and debit card transactions will automatically be charged a processing fee of 2.75%

    No processing fee for bank account withdrawal

    4.     International Student Payments:


    Select to pay Marian University and follow the prompts to make a payment. Marian will be notified when a payment is pending. Once the funds are received, your account will be credited.

    Financial Hold

    If balance is above $500, the account is placed on financial hold, which prevents a student from registering for additional courses or making changes to their current schedule.

    Transcript Hold

    If balance is above $0, the account is placed on transcript hold, which prevents a student from receiving an official transcript or diploma.

    On average, Marian University students purchase $700 in textbooks during the academic year. Some academic programs require additional textbooks, resource guides, and supplies that may increase this estimate. Students may purchase or rent textbooks from the Marian University Bookstore, located in the Hornung Student Center.

    One-Time Charge

    Graduate Application fee                  $ 100

    Course Fees

    Certain courses or programs require special materials, supplies, equipment, and/or facilities, the cost of which is passed on to students through course or program fees. Students enrolled in clinicals are assessed fees that cover the direct non-teaching costs incurred by the University. All fees, and tuition, must be covered in full prior to the start of classes and/or clinical rotations.

    Students are responsible for adding, dropping, and withdrawing from courses. This includes the completion and submission of course drop forms to the Registrar Office. The day on which the Office of the Registrar receives the course drop form is the official drop date. To avoid a failing grade, students must drop any courses not attended. Students who receive federal financial aid funding should check with the Office of Financial Aid when any changes are made in course registration for the semester. The following refunds are applicable:

    Drop before first class :  100% refund

    All students withdrawing from the University or changing enrollment status are issued tuition refunds based on the following schedule:

    Length of class                         Amount of refund

    4-week FLEX Program

    1st week                                                    75%

    After 1st week                                  None

    • For purposes of determining refund, the official date of course drop/withdrawal or University withdrawal is the day upon which completed course drop or withdrawal forms are received in the Office of the Registrar.
    • Emails, phone calls, or no longer attending class do not constitute a proper withdrawal from class.  The required course drop form must be completed and submitted to the Office of the Registrar.
    • The Office of Financial Aid has a separate Refund Policy for returning aid when a student withdraws from a course or the University.
    • The refund policy also applies to students who are suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons.
    • Fees for courses dropped after the add/drop period are not refunded.
    • Room charges are non-refundable.
    • Appeals of the refund policy should be submitted to the Office of Business and Finance.  Appeals must be submitted within 30 days of posting to a student account.
    • Board refunds are made, with appropriately approved exceptions, on a pro-rated basis.
    • Through the appropriate action of its administration and Board of Trustees, the University reserves the right to make changes in the above as financial and operational considerations may require. Changes in tuition or fees after publication of this bulletin are printed separately and are made available to all current and prospective students.

    Flexible Program Class Schedule

    Monday, August 26
    Last day to register for September classes

    Monday, September 9
    First day of classes

    Monday, September 23
    Last day to register for October classes

    Monday, October 14
    First day of classes

    Monday, October 28
    Last day to register for November classes

    Monday, November 11
    First day of classes

    Monday, November 25
    Last day to register for December classes

    Monday, December 9
    First day of classes

    Monday, December 30
    Last day to register for January classes

    Monday, January 13
    First day of classes

    Monday, January 27
    Last day to register for February classes

    Monday, February 10
    First day of classes

    Monday, February 24
    Last day to register for March classes

    Monday, March 9
    First day of classes

    Monday, March 23
    Last day to register for April classes

    Monday, April 13
    First day of classes

    Monday, April 27
    Last day to register for May classes

    Monday, May 11
    First day of classes

    Monday, May 25
    Last day to register for June classes

    Monday, June 8
    First day of classes

    Monday, June 22
    Last day to register for July classes

    Monday, July 13
    First day of classes

    Monday, July 27
    Last day to register for August classes