Your Personal Path to Success

Marian University’s MPath Flexible Program online learning platform is a truly unique way to advance your education and career as a modern adult learner. This is your personal path to success. The Flexible Program empowers students to move forward on a clear path ahead, understanding that today’s professionals need an educational platform that meets their individual needs.

Your Education, Your Time, Your Way

MPath’s Flexible Program, with 4-week courses, is truly built for your personal success. Marian recognized that today’s adult learners need online degree programs that are tailored for their lives, time, learning style, and professional and educational experience. As a result, our online Flexible Program offers you:

  • A clear path on which you can efficiently move toward your goals based on your custom completion plan.
  • The ability to visually track your personal progress with clear and measurable competencies.
  • Engaging learning experiences based on your needs.
  • Individualized online communication with faculty and peers, helping you build your professional network.
  • Flexible point of entry with twelve start dates every year.
  • Robust faculty engagement, guidance, individualized instruction, guided field experiences and more.

Take the first step on your path ahead. Learn more about MPath Flexible Program Online.

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Why Choose MPath Flexible Program?

Learn at Your Own Pace
Twelve start dates per year and flexible online class schedules allow you to learn and study on your own time, empowering you to master new skills at your own pace.
Leverage What You know

Marian understands that you bring career and educational knowledge with you. Devote more time to course content that is new to you and rely on individualized attention and feedback from your professors to grasp concepts.

Ultimate in Flexibility

With more than 30 courses starting every 4 weeks, adult learners choose the number of credits to take at a time. Fitting school into your life is the ultimate in flexibility.

Online Flexible Program Options

Explore Marian’s Flexible Program options. We’re ready to help you meet your educational goals and reach your full potential through flexible programs that will confidently prepare you for the career you are reaching for. Check back to see what Marian has to offer as we continue to add exciting new programs to our MPath Flexible Program online platform.