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October 10, 2018

Nursing major finds his fit at Marian University

Student Adam SydowAdam Sydow walks to the beat of his own drum.

Beginning his educational career seeking a degree in radiologic technology, Adam changed course and decided to pursue nursing after his first semester. “Given the job market, it seemed like a good decision to change my major,” said Adam. He has now completed his second year at Marian and still stands by his decision to change his major.

Adam grew up in Columbus, Wisconsin. He enjoys collecting records, listening to vinyl, hiking, photography, bird-watching, trivia, Star Wars, and watching Sir. David Attenborough on Planet Earth. He also enjoys running and is a member of Marian’s cross country and track teams. On campus, he is a student worker in the Office of Marketing and Communications and a resident hall assistant.

“I’m the Marian University 3000-meter steeplechase record holder. Well, I was the first one to do it, thus I’m the record holder,” laughs Adam. “I never ran track in high school. I joined track and cross country at Marian for the team atmosphere and to stay in shape. I have enjoyed getting to know everybody that I’ve met here. Between my jobs and the athletic community, everybody is really warm and lets you into the big community of athletes and students which has really helped my transition into college.”

The Wisconsin Grant is critically important in Adam’s path to success. “The grants and scholarships available through Marian are a big part of the reason I’m able to attend. A small, private college is the right choice for me, as it allows me the opportunity to engage in things I may not have been able to at a big school.”

The nursing program is rigorous and requires focus, determination, and discipline. Adam carries a full course load, is involved in athletics, and holds two on-campus jobs. In his third year, he will soon begin his clinical portion of his degree, where he will gain more in-depth, hands-on experience.

Adam also has a passion for photography. In his role in the Office of Marketing and Communications, he takes pictures at a variety of events and creates videos. “I knew a lot about taking pictures before I came to Marian,” said Adam. “My on-campus job has offered me so many ways to increase my knowledge in this area, as well as in video. I can actually say that I love my job.”

Through his job and classroom connections, Adam has met and made many friends. He commented, “This campus is so kind. Everyone here really does want the best for you.”

About Wisconsin Grants

The twenty-four private, or independent, nonprofit colleges and universities of Wisconsin operate without direct taxpayer support, but provide an invaluable public service to the state, educating nearly 55,000 students a year. Many of Wisconsin’s best and brightest need financial help to attend the college of their choice.

The Wisconsin Tuition Grant, now known as Wisconsin Grants, was enacted in 1965 to help qualified Wisconsin citizens to succeed. Each month, Wisconsin Achievers brings you success stories of Wisconsinites at WAICU-member campuses for whom Wisconsin Grants have made a significant difference.

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