Why Do Police Officers Choose Marian University’s Online Master’s in Public Safety?

December 17, 2019

Many police officers who want to advance their careers consider earning a master’s degree as part of their plan. But why would they want to enter an online master’s in public safety program over a traditional on-campus program?

The short answer is this: online programs often work better for police officers. Professionals in law enforcement don’t work an average nine-to-five job. The flexibility of an online master’s degree program offers them the convenience they need to fit education into a busy professional and personal schedule.

In addition to flexibility and convenience, Marian University’s online Master of Science in Professional Practice in Public Safety gives police officers the knowledge and skills they need to take the next step in their careers.

What Are The Benefits of An Online Program?

The following looks at some of the benefits of Marian University’s online master’s in public safety program. While anyone can benefit from online degree programs, they are especially useful for police officers.

That’s been the experience of Alan Johnson, an assistant professor and Director of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security programs at Marian University. Johnson is a retired Milwaukee Police Lieutenant with 26 years of service.

Flexibility With Home/Work Schedule

Johnson calls this “the biggest advantage of online education.”  He noted that police officers have hectic work schedules that include working nights, weekends and holidays and that off days or work shifts often change. All this makes it difficult for police officers to attend regularly scheduled classes. Online degree programs make this a non-issue.

While students must still meet deadlines, they are able to work ahead if needed to free up their schedules. Johnson said many of his students “do their work on their days off They get the reading done, answer the weekly questions and quizzes, and then just monitor things every day or two. The following week they do it again.”

Attention From Faculty

Students can work ahead because professors build their classes around a detailed syllabus. This student-centered approach provides convenient advanced notice of assignments and due dates.

Students are encouraged to contact their professors through communication tools provided by the Marian University learning system, including email and messaging. Some professors also provide their telephone numbers and set up regular one-on-one mentoring sessions. “You can more easily ask questions in the online setting because you don’t have to make it public to the class,” Johnson said.

You’ll Finish Faster

Through Marian University’s MPath Flexible Program structure, students can begin classes at 12 different starting points throughout the year. The classes are only four weeks in length, allowing students to focus completely on one topic until it is finished.

The Same Quality Education

Just because an online master’s degree program in public safety is convenient doesn’t mean it’s easier than a traditional program. As noted by Johnson, students receive the same education they would get in a traditional setting. Johnson said the only real difference is that online courses are accelerated in the four-week format, giving students the chance to graduate faster.

An online degree carries the same educational value for police officers as a traditional degree. But the Marian University master of public safety program delivers that education in a way that often works better for police officers. Just as in a classroom setting, with online learning, students develop a network of instructors and students who provide a strong support system that can last well beyond graduation. For police officers who want to advance their education in a way that fits with their job and lifestyle, Marian University’s programs can provide the answer.