What are Entry Level Psychology Jobs?

October 28, 2020


Entry Level Psychologist with ChildInterest in hiring people with a degree in psychology has increased in recent years as the value of applying psychology in a variety of settings becomes better appreciated. That’s resulted in a large variety of career options and entry level psychology jobs for those who earn a bachelor’s degree.

While working one-on-one with patients in a private practice is the most well-known career option for psychologists, it’s far from the only option. The knowledge and skills acquired in a psychology degree program are useful in areas that range from human resource departments and hospitals to government agencies and social services.

Marian University prepares psychology professionals for a successful career through both an online and on-campus Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  The online BS in Psychology gives students the chance to study from wherever they live. Both programs give students the chance to complete their degree on a three-year accelerated track.

Marian University Psychology Programs

Marian University offers students an array of options for their area of specialty in psychology, said Amy Hennings, Ph.D., LCPC, an Associate Professor at Marian University and Psychology Program Chair.

Those options include double majors in social work and psychology as well as psychology and criminal justice. Marian also offers a master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology and a “4+1” program to earn an undergraduate and graduate degree in an accelerated program. Students can also customize their undergraduate degree. For those wanting to complete their undergraduate bachelor’s degree even faster, we have a three-year psychology program that runs year round.

“Our professional faculty also work as the student advisors, and we’ve designed a program that tries to meet every student’s individual needs and support them in achieving career goals,” said Hennings. “We emphasize practical application of theory in real-world situations and in and out of our classrooms, which is why every student gets an opportunity to do field work and participate in internships.”

The psychology department at Marian University is also known for its active Psychology Club in which students tour psychological facilities and perform community work, among other related activities.

Marian University’s BS in Psychology graduates have a 93% job placement rate and 98% acceptance to graduate schools.

Entry Level Psychology Jobs for Graduates

In learning how to evaluate biological, cognitive and social aspects of human behavior, graduates leave the BS in Psychology program with skill sets that employers desire.

Graduates also develop research skills in the psychology field, critically assessing psychological literature and understanding how individual and cultural differences impact society. This unique and powerful skill set makes psychology professionals in demand on the job market.

The following rank among some of the most popular and interesting jobs for which psychologists quality.

FBI special agent. The FBI posts jobs online for special agents with a degree in psychology. Part of the job involves analyzing threats and identifying people and groups who may pose risks to national security and public safety.

Behavior specialist. This position provides one-to-one direct services such as support and coordination of care with people struggling with substance abuse issues, eating disorders, and other psychological challenges.

In-home autism therapist. In this job, psychology professionals work with autistic clients in their homes, providing support to help them function effectively in day-to-day life.

Human resources specialist. In a human resources department, psychologists might specialize in recruiting, employee training, or developing programs to improve a company’s culture or environment.

Market researcher. Some companies hire psychology professionals because of their understanding of human behavior, which helps them to better understand what people want from specific products and services and the factors that lead to purchasing decisions. This helps marketing leaders develop more effective marketing strategies.

Patient advocate. In this job, psychology professionals work with patients in hospitals and other healthcare system locations, acting as a liaison between patients and clinicians to ensure a patient’s needs are met.

Child welfare specialist. Psychology professionals in this job typically work for a government agency that provides protection and support for vulnerable children in disadvantaged homes. Psychology professionals assess a child’s needs and monitor a child’s wellbeing, intervening if there are signs of neglect or abuse.

Earning a BS in Psychology prepares graduates for these and other challenging positions. No matter what career path they choose, psychology graduates will find their skills are in demand and the potential careers rewarding.