“Marian had a culture of support, learning and partnership, and it’s a culture I now strive to recreate every day as a leader.”

As a registered dental hygienist, Tammy Filipiak’s philosophy is simple – If we are in the business of smiles, we should have one.

But after decades of professional experience – ranging from general and specialty offices, dental hygiene education, business and management, compliance officer, and executive leadership – she knew that in order to maintain that smile with her own professional journey, she needed to continue challenging herself.

“My career was evolving, and I was looking to further develop myself in areas I knew were going to impact my future, and Marian’s educational offerings aligned exactly with what I saw as important areas of focus.”

She began pursuing her Master’s in Organizational Leadership and Quality – now offered at Marian as a Master’s in Management – while working full time with two kids in high school, but found the support from her employer, classmates and faculty to be invaluable when it came to juggling each of her responsibilities.

“Being part of that group was enjoyable – the faculty were supportive to the varied optics that each student came to the table with, and as an adult learner the diversity of the faculty and the sharing of their own experiences were particularly helpful.”

Also helpful were the teachings that Tammy still utilizes today, including lessons from The Leadership Challenge book utilized in the first class she took – one she continues to recommend to her peers because of how timeless its principles are.

“The program provided me fundamental learning that I often reference today with the teams I work with. Advancing my education impacted my personal and professional growth, and I have been blessed to have quite the career and leadership journey because of it.”

A staple of that 30+ year journey, Tammy’s commitment to professional associations has seen her serve in a variety of leadership positions at the local, state and national levels. But since earning her Master’s, she excelled as President of the American Dental Hygienists Association, as the Immediate Past President, and served as the Chair of ADHA’s foundation – The Institute for Oral Health.

“Having the ability to lead others is something I’m grateful for every day, and I am so appreciative and thankful to be where I am today.”