Social work attracts people motivated to build a career helping others. In the past, working adults in Wisconsin seeking a degree in social work career attended classes on campus, a difficult task for those with full-time jobs or a family. This is no longer the case with quality online higher education growth.

Students earning a social work degree online enjoy the flexibility of planning college classwork around work and personal responsibilities. Online education has done what higher education should do—provide academic opportunities to as many people as possible.

Marian University designed the online Bachelor of Social Work degree with this goal in mind. The 100% online program, accredited by the Council on Social Work Education’s Commission on Accreditation (COA), offers students the same high-quality education as on-campus students with the added flexibility of online education.

In addition, Marian University provides unique benefits to its online social work degree. The 15-week course structure gives students ample opportunity to engage with the content and practice the skills learned. Students participate in internships that Marian University develops with facilities in their communities. Students also benefit by learning from an expert faculty, each with real-world social work experience.

These are some of the reasons for the success of the Bachelor of Social Work program, with 95 percent of recent graduates immediately finding employment.

“As an agency, you want to hire a Marian University graduate,” said Leslie Jaber-Wilson, DSW, Chair of Marian University’s Social Work Program. “They come prepared with knowledge and skills in social work. They are critical thinkers, they are collaborators, and they will have your client’s best interests at heart.”

Make a Difference in Your Community

As economic inequities continue to grow in the United States, social work is more important than ever. This sustained and growing need is reflected in federal projections of a 12 percent increase in social workers nationwide by 2030.

Social workers focus on helping people manage complications that arise in everyday life. Social workers identify individuals, families, and groups in need of assistance. They develop plans to work with people in need, providing support and ensuring they have access to critical resources, including healthcare, housing, employment, and mental health services.

Social work is a career that allows professionals to impact disadvantaged communities and positively impact policy and legislation. Professionals have various career opportunities to help others through social work. For example, social workers often specialize in working with specific groups, such as children or the elderly. They may also work in different locations, including schools, hospitals, corrections facilities, and community centers.

The Benefits of Online Education for Social Workers

Launching a career in social work typically requires completing a bachelor’s degree from an accredited social work program. For many, especially working adults, earning a degree in an on-campus program is challenging because of the time commitment. Online social work degrees offer the flexibility students need.

Online social work degrees provide high-quality education that prepares graduates to become credentialed or licensed as social workers. In the Bachelor of Social Work program, Dr. Jaber-Wilson said, “We bring the best we have to offer in our traditional social work program, and the online modality will make it convenient for those who can’t get to a classroom.”

Students engage in the online program in a self-directed manner. They can plan classwork and internship hours around their work and personal schedules, giving them more control over their education.

Why Earn a Social Work Degree From Marian University?

At Marian University, administrators and faculty focus on the success of each student. The university is committed to providing an education grounded in sound theory and practical application in real-world situations.

The Bachelor of Social Work program curriculum delivers a solid grounding for best serving society’s most vulnerable populations. Experienced social workers on the faculty offer students wisdom gained by working in the field.

Students further their knowledge through internships they complete in their local community. They can choose internships that match their career goals, including placement in correctional facilities, foster care programs, hospitals, nursing homes, and schools.

Social work internships and seminars are split into two courses worth six credits each. Both involve an educationally guided, generalist social work experience in an approved community social services agency. Students spend 225 hours, or about 16 hours per week, in the agency. The focus is on professional social work competencies, applied practice activities, a time frame for accomplishment, and formal evaluation. Students also participate in an online seminar to discuss achievements and challenges during the field internship.

Other benefits of Marian University’s online social work degree include:

  • Convenience and flexibility for students unable to travel to and from on-campus classes because of work and personal responsibilities
  • Availability of channels through the online learning system that allows students to engage with faculty members
  • A self-directed approach that leads to better student engagement
  • Program graduates can become licensed social workers in Wisconsin
  • Graduates have the skills and knowledge that make them highly employable and able to make an immediate impact

Graduates emerge from the Marian University Bachelor of Social Work program with the skills and knowledge to become successful social workers. For those who want to spend their career helping others improve their lives, earning the online Bachelor of Social Work degree is critical to achieving their goals.