How to Become a Reading Teacher in Wisconsin

October 15, 2020

Becoming a reading teacher helps students in all areas of life. Earn Wisconsin reading teacher certificate and study 100% online at Marian University.

Reading teachers in Wisconsin play an important role in how a student develops, not only academically but in areas such as self-esteem and critical thinking. With reading skills so interlocked with success in so many areas of life, it’s a teaching job with a significant impact on young lives.

A reading teacher helps those in kindergarten grasp the foundational concepts of reading and provides increased reading skills with every grade level, k-12. Elementary teachers support foundational concepts of reading while intermediate/middle school/high school instructors provide support to develop foundational concepts and specifically strengthen key literacy skills such as fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing.

It’s a challenging, rewarding teaching position, requiring both a bachelor’s degree and certification by the state.

Marian University’s 100% online Reading Teacher Certification program gives graduates a chance to earn a Wisconsin Reading Teacher (316) license. The online program allows teachers to build their credentials toward becoming a reading teacher while also maintaining their current teaching job.

Steps to Earning Reading Teacher Certification

The state requires educators to have a reading teacher certificate if they have a “specific assignment to teach reading” in Pre-K-12th grade, according to the state Department of Public Instruction. The state has created steps for educators to follow to earn reading teacher certification.

Earn a Teaching Certificate. Only state-certified teachers are eligible to earn reading teacher certification.

Experience. Teachers need to complete two years in the classroom before earning certification.

Complete a clinical program. The program must educate teachers in the following areas:

  • developmental reading for pupils in early childhood through adolescence
  • assessment and instructional techniques for readers with special needs
  • language development
  • learning disabilities
  • content area reading
  • literature for children or adolescents

The Marian University program meets the standards for completing the third and final step.

How Marian University Prepares Reading Teachers

Marian University designed the program to give candidates experiences that reflect the school’s commitment to developing the whole person. Marian applies a Learning-Centered Conceptual framework that uses guidelines and standards from professional associations, research, and sound professional practice to create the program’s curriculum.

Teachers earn 18 graduate-level credits in the program. They include the following courses.

  • Foundations of Reading
  • Literacy for At-Risk and Struggling Learners
  • Assessment of Reading
  • Advanced Content Literacy
  • Multicultural Literacy
  • Literacy Practicum

Those who complete the program and become certified reading teachers will go on to educate students in reading and literacy awareness. That starts with issues such as alphabet identification and word pronunciation at a young age to improving writing, reading, and creating opportunities to use literacy skills in meaningful ways in all content areas  as they move into middle school and high school. At the highest levels, reading teachers support coaching and professional learning across grade levels. They enhance instruction in all content areas, grounded in inquiry and reflection, to best meet the needs of today’s diverse student populations.

The Marian University Reading Teacher Certification program prepares educators for this important, challenging role in the lives of students. For those with a love of literature and reading, it ranks among the most satisfying teaching positions you can hold.